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The record-breaking suspension bridge will be an iconic attraction for the Tokaj-Zemplén region and for Hungary.

As we previously reported, the project of the world’s longest suspension bridge has been in the pipeline for some time. At last, however, the construction plan of the National Unity Bridge in Sátoraljaúhely has been finalised.

As Hungarian news portal Turizmus reports, preparatory works have already started with the landscaping. The construction of the world’s longest suspension bridge will be realised within the framework of the Tokaj-Zemplén Development Programme.

The pedestrian bridge will be 700 metres long, which is unique in its category.

Photo:ölgyi Péter/

The suspension bridge will be located in an important tourist location in the region, between Várhegy and Szárhegy, at a height of 80 metres. It will offer a breathtaking view of the Zemplén Mountains and the Highlands and will later become part of the Zemplén Adventure Park. Therefore, it is not surprising that the National Unity Bridge will have some adventurous characteristics as well. The central part of the structure is planned to have a glass surface to enhance the experience.

Zemplén bridge3
Photo:én Televízió/
Zemplén bridge
Photo:én Televízió/


the suspension bridge will become an important attraction for the Tokaj-Zemplén region and for Hungary.

The investment worth EUR 11.2 million (~HUF 4 billion) is part of the Tokaj-Zemplén Development Programme adopted by the Government. The purpose of the development project is to increase the region’s attractiveness to tourists, ensure sustainable development, and strengthen the region’s population retention.

The construction works are planned to be completed in 2023.

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