RMZ Nexity: A perfect blend of art and sustainable architecture!

Redefining the workplace has been at the forefront of every business post-pandemic. Nexity, covering an area of 3.3 million people and has 33% open space, offers integration of landscaped parks, sculpture gardens, bio pond water features, and green lobbies with the podium, that provide a soothing
experience, enabling its community to celebrate the expanse and aesthetics of the space.

Breaking away from stereotypes, Nexity is a workplace with large integrated green spaces creating an impression of being amidst nature at all times. The design of each block enables maximum daylight penetration while minimizing heat gain through a combination of balconies, planters, and sun-shading
projections. With 360-panoramic views, the view from any office is spectacular in Nexity.

While the needs of the people/end users are taken care of at RMZ, sustainability and eco-friendliness have been a part of their long history of developing innovative sustainable projects in India with a focus
on sustainable building operations. With 60 million square feet of space (certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, LEED® and rated the world's healthiest building by IWBI), the space is all set to transform the Hyderabad real estate industry. With environmental concerns growing with time, it is imperative to develop and create projects while keeping sustainability in check. With a perfect blend of art and architecture, Nexity is at the forefront of a move towards an eco-friendlier approach to business.

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