StreetEasy Ads Bid New Yorkers to ‘Win the Game of Real Estate’

Finding or selling a home in New York City can feel like a hellish game where players struggle to pass Go. The process is often confusing, time-consuming and hyper-competitive. Folks frequently wind up with living arrangements that don’t meet their needs. Or conversely, going months without finding a buyer and settling for a deal below market value.

With all that in mind, Zillow’s StreetEasy platform—serving the five boroughs and New Jersey—crafted stylish new ads modeled on the look and feel of Monopoly and similar diversions.

OOH and print elements from Preacher and local artist Jon Contino bid buyers, sellers and renters to “Win the Game of Real Estate.” That may sound like over-promising, but cards-and-dice imagery keep it real, suggesting StreetEasy’s expert tools can prove invaluable, though outcomes are never guaranteed:

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