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For those who have ever wanted to know how to be handier around the home or tackle a bigger project on their own, The D.I.Y. Instructor is here to provide guidance.

The D.I.Y. Instructer is owned and operated by Robert Brunning, an award-winning residential design/builder with more than 35 years’ worth of experience.

Brunning said his new venture is in response to all of those folks in the community who want to ask a project architect or builder “can you show me how to…?”

His answer is “yes,” and he’ll even come to your home to do it.

As a hands-on residential remodeling general contractor (Top Shelf Structures) in Fountain Hills with a degree in interior design from Harrington Institute of Design in Chicago, Brunning said he is capable to teach clients how to do everything from various simple painting techniques to managing an owner/build program for designing and building a dream home or remodel.

Brunning said his nearly four decades of gaining extensive knowledge in the design and construction industries is now available to any homeowner who has officially been bitten by the D.I.Y. bug. Additionally, with his background as a former Energy Star certified design/builder, those that are interested in exploring the world of sustainable green building or energy efficiency and savings are also welcome to give him a call.

As a one-time industry radio host and author of the tell-all book, “Tricks of the Trade,” Brunning said it’s a joy to help people see their dreams come true, as well as the pride and satisfaction of learning how to tackle a project on their own.

Anyone looking to learn from The D.I.Y. Instructor can give Brunning a call at 602-481-0365 or email rbrunning@owner-rep.com.

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