Real estate transactions

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded April. 4-8.

Lyto, Inc., to KAV Realty, LLC., Ls13-20, Lots C, D, G & H & Lots/Plots B & C, Shadowlawn, $3,100,000.

PBC Properties, LLC; The Mustard Seed, LLC., to CAP Management, LLC., 11421 Stagecoach Road, Little Rock. L1, Mustard Seed, $2,300,000.

Rooney Real Estate Company, Inc., to BNA Real Estate, LLC., 3401 West 65th St., Little Rock. L33, Little Rock Industrial District, $1,100,000.

Donna B. Ostner; John L. Ostner to RER Of Little Rock, Inc., 6404 Brentwood Road, Little Rock. Ls23-24, Cammack Woods; Ls3-5 B14, Park View, $1,060,000.

Broadway Park, LLC., to LR Louisiana Parking, LLC., Ls5-8 B85, Original City Of Little Rock, $1,000,000.

OB CRE I, LLC., to St Anthony’s Properties, LLC.; Darrell Robinson Tract P, Little Rock Industrial District, $975,000.

Scott A. Irby; Kathryn M. Irby to Joseph A. Wright; Erin E. Priddy, 6015 Greenwood Road, Cammack Village. Ls2-3, Palisades Estates- Cammack Village, $874,000.

David M. Dean; R. Renay Dean; David M. Dean And R. Renay Dean Joint Revocable Trust to Casey Andrew Huie; Amy Leigh Huie, 10214 Cantrell Road, Little Rock. Tract 1, Kimber, $800,000.

Dillon Homes & Real Estate, Inc., to Yong Lee; Joy Lee, 42 Falstone Drive, Little Rock. L16 B135, Chenal Valley $764,466.

Steve Garrett; Cindy Garrett to James Michael Vollers; Cindy L. Vollers, 4 Oneida Cove, Maumelle. L17, Osage Terrace Phase I-B, $700,000.

Andrew Adkins; Jennifer Adkins to John A. Riggs, V; Dylan M. Riggs, 15 Butterfield Lane, Little Rock. L31R, Piedmont, $625,000.

Michael N. Gowen; Gretchen E. Gowen to E & L Mechanical, LLC., 220 Grant Park Circle, North Little Rock. L4B, North Little Rock I-440 Industrial Park Phase IV, $600,000.

Helen A. Wyrick to Catherine E. Field; William C. Field, L7, Lawrence, $570,000.

Edward R. Gonzalez; Shanna M. Gonzalez to Chelsea Seelinger; Payton Seelinger, 12910 County Farm Road, Little Rock. Pt SE SE 8-2N-13W, $569,900.

Tom Stanton to Candice Yvonne Akins; Jason Akins, 162 Caurel Circle, Little Rock. L57 B56, Chenal Valley, $545,918.

Hines Homes, LLC., to A Neal Scoggins; Erin Scoggins, 114 Delaware Lane, Maumelle. L110, Osage Hills Phase 5-8, $543,480.

Stine And Company Prime Real Estate, LLC., to Mark Tudor, 42 Fletcher Ridge Circle, Little Rock. L19 B2, Fletcher Valley $535,000.

Craig Noel; Nicole Noel to James Richard Reilly; Amber N. Reilly, 203 Commentry Lane, Little Rock. L5 B82, Chenal Valley, $515,000.

Tina L. Kearchner to Taylor M. Burton; Jennifer A. Burton, 122 N. Monroe St., Little Rock. Pt Blk 5, Howard Adams, $499,500.

The Raebenchal Trust; Chelsea Ekenseair to Samuel C. Kirkpatrick; Bailey Kirkpatrick, 15706 Woodstone Drive, Roland. L7, Stonewood, $475,000.

Steven Parker; Candice Parker to Rebecca Rounds; Jason Rounds, 2924 Sweetgrass Drive, Little Rock. L7 B21, Woodlands Edge, $469,900.

Randy Pruitt; Nona Pruittt to Andrew Compton; Tammy Compton, L2R B2, Millers Cove, $465,000.

Amy M. Fecher; Shawn Fecher to Robert Christopher Oswalt; Kara Oswalt, 5 Trent Jones Cove, Sherwood. L3, Fairway Park, $463,000.

Gary Yielding; Cheley Yielding to Allen Fitzgerald; Edith Fitzgerald, 182 Ridgeview Trail, Maumelle. L13 B1, Ridgeview Trails Phase I, $450,000.

Nicholas Redenius; Kristina Marie Redenius to Abdelkhaleq Saleh; Entisar Y. Haleem, 6824 Austin Harbor Loop, Sherwood. L110, Austin Lakes On The Bay, $449,000.

Ashley Chism to Kamran Sahrakar; Nancy E. Sahrakar; The Sahraker Family Trust, 25 Mossy Rock Cove, Little Rock. L16 B2, Woodlands Edge, $439,000.

Hines Homes, LLC., to Daris Wade Bright; Stacy Ann Bright, 178 Ridgeview Trail, Maumelle. L11 B1, Ridgeview Trails Phase I, $433,598.

Ken Hayes Realty, LLC., to Calvin Lamon Bass, Sr., 12802 Smarty Jones Drive, Scott. L273, Ashley Downs Phase I, $430,000.

E. Ward Construction, Inc., to Dennis Ronald Hansen; Michael P. Smith, 16 Fletcher Ridge Circle, Little Rock. L8 B2, Fletcher Valley, $429,900.

Hines Homes, LLC., to Anne Houtchens; Jeremy Houtchens, 176 Ridgeview Trail, Maumelle. L10 B1, Ridgeview Trails Phase I, $425,653.

Lowell Chad Cornelius to Christopher Gomlicker; Charlotte Gomlicker, 1400 S. Arch St., Little Rock. Ls10-12 B213, Orginal City Of Little Rock, $425,000.

Dennis R. Hansen; Michael P. Smith to Thomas A. McDonald; Rebecca S. McDonald, 3700 Cantrell Road, Condo 702, Little Rock. Unit 702, Riviera HPR, $415,000.

Pet Rub Roads, LLC., to Thomas Chase Eubanks; Allyson Nicole Eubanks, Pt NW 29-4N-10W, $410,000.

William B. McGowan; Christen A. McGowan to Victoria Claire Jones, 2605 Valley Park Drive, Little Rock. L112, Pebble Beach Woods, $400,000.

Golden Investments, LLC., to 1015 Scott St., LLC., 1015 Scott St., Little Rock. L4 B24, Original City Of Little Rock $400,000.

Davis Construction Services, Inc., to Marty White; Rita White, 28 Fletcher Ridge Circle, Little Rock. L14 B2, Fletcher Valley, $399,400.

Vincent L. Hunter, Sr.; Linda F. Hunter to Gurpreet Singh; Sonia Singh, 9600 Cliffside Drive, Sherwood. L2 B10, Creekside, $399,000.

Kanis Road, LLC., to KMorris, LLC., Pt SE SE 5-1N-13W, $393,594.

Angela M. Brooks to Shubham Datta; Indrani Sasmal, 9860 Cliffside Drive, Sherwood. L1 B15, Creekside, $380,500.

Victor D. Roy, Jr.; Brandi Roy to John Lewis Maness, 8809 Stillwater Road, Sherwood. L43 B3, Creekside, $370,000.

Amy M. Bailey; The Bailey Living Trust; Amy M. Bailey Living Trust to Anshul Yadav, 25 Forest Valley Lane, Little Rock. L12R, Forest Valley Replat, $361,000.

Kristi L. Callaway; Kristi L. Gibbs; Mark Gibbs to Justin W. Ward; Anne M. Ward, 117 Lucia Lane, Maumelle. L1631, The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase XXIII, $360,000.

Kathy Bucari; Kimberly Green to Matthew Wayne Nokes; Kasey Nacole Nokes, 225 Epernay Loop, Little Rock. L50R 71, Chenal Valley Replat, $359,000.

Michael J. Mesiello to Charlotte Phillips; Ashleigh Phillips, 8520 Linda Lane, Little Rock. L333, Leawood Heights 4th, $359,000.

Francesca Tolson; Barbara J. Tolson to Jason Kyle Jenkins; Lauren Patrice Jenkins, 2819 N. University Ave., Little Rock. Pt SW NW 30-2N-12W (L2 B13, Park View), $355,000.

Glenda J. Lovett; Glenda J. Lovett Revocable Trust to Nechi Emerson Fullerton, 3501 Oakwood Road, #7, Little Rock. Unit 7, River Hills HPR 1 $345,000.

Daniel L. McFadden; Elecia P. McFadden to Josh Garside; Alyssa Thomas, 2109 Louisiana St., Little Rock. Ls2-3 B428, DuVal (DuVall), $338,000.

Van W. Williamson to Travis Berry, L1105, The Country Club Of Arkansas Phase XII, $336,500.

Edwin Deangelo Kendle; Nelissa Carter to Dominic Edward Centofante, Jr., 108 Baronne Way, Maumelle. L1248, The Quarters- The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase 20, $335,000.

Calvin Lamon Bass, Sr.; Candius N Bass to Carrie Deanne Duvall, 209 Feldspar Drive, Sherwood. L13 B10, Stonehill Phase IV, $335,000.

Euro-Homes, Inc., to Jerome Bernard McDaniel; Whitney Nicole McDaniel, 8577 Rapid Water Drive, Sherwood. L4 B16, Creekside, $334,000.

Jon Callahan Construction, Inc., to Andrew B. San Juan, 301 Parker St., North Little Rock. L1, The Porches At Rockwater Village, $330,000.

Dickey/Benson, LLC., to Derek Rudkin, 10 Yukon Cove/15 Cinderwood Cove, Maumelle. L35, Weatherwood; L127, Riverland, $330,000.

Thomas A. McDonald; Rebecca S. McDonald; Rebecca Louise Streett to John Cameron Bilger, Jr., 4919 Hillcrest Ave., Little Rock. Ls10-12 B60, Pulaski Heights, $326,500.

John Kosin to Ryan Gore Bey, 7 Catina Court, Little Rock. L59, St Charles, $325,000.

Elta Loetscher; Christa D. Thompson to Sarah R. Franks, 13820 Pinkerton Road, Little Rock. Pt N/2 NE NE 21-1S-12W, $325,000.

Marcus A. Loupe to Janet Citron, L13 B1, The Gardens At Valley Falls, $315,000.

CJS Holdings, LLC., to Andrew Pickle; Kaylee Beth Pickle, 1617 Northline Drive, North Little Rock. L12 B3, Overbrook, $315,000.

Russell D. Stout; Marilyn P. Stout to Richard Griffiths; Richard F. Griffiths, Sr.; Constance Griffiths, 12 Flintwood Drive, Little Rock. L129, Leawood Manor 2nd, $302,500.

Thomas Alan Spinnato; Tom Spinnato Living Trust to Angelina Elliott; Jason Keith Grahan, 4 Greeson Cove, Maumelle. L367, Edgewater Phase II, $300,000.

Steven W. Brown; Karyn Infield Brown (dec’d) to Garrett Bagwell, 13601 Abinger Drive, Little Rock. L17-A, Hillsborough Phase I, $300,000.

Betts Real Estate Enterprises, Inc., to Curiokey, LLC., 2001 Sanford Drive, Little Rock. L22, Sanford Phase 1 And 2, $295,000.

Charles Mosley; Marisa Mosley to Mark Kijek, 3 Coachlight Circle, Little Rock. L204, Sturbridge Phase III, $295,000.

Debbie Dealba to Grazyna Loszak; Jerzy Loszak, L6 B2, The Gardens At Valley Falls, $290,000.

Dois P. Dodson, III to Elizabeth Emily Chugg Watters; Megan Watters, 17508 Corinthian Drive, Little Rock. Pt NE NE 14-1N-14W, $290,000.

Robin Cline; Karen Cline to Anna-Lee Pittman; Sam McSpadden, 5 Ohio Cove, Little Rock. L5, Powell, $290,000.

HBH Builders, Inc., to William James Mathis, 6604 Westover Drive, Little Rock. L87, Westover Hills, $289,000.

Margaret S. Cross to Esther Pipkin, 2202 Windsor Court, Little Rock. L3, Windsor Hills, $289,000.

Vincent Parker; Kimberly Parker to Diana Williams, 2724 Opal Cove, Sherwood. L28 B5, Stonehill Phase V, $286,000.

I-Tien Yeh; Yeh Living Revocable Trust to JPL Construction, LLC., L40 B33, Pleasant Valley, $285,000.

Price M. Murphree; Adeline Murphree; Adeline M. Goodman to Tara Philbrick; Alexander Philbrick, 2 Saint Thomas Court, Little Rock. L482, St Charles, $285,000.

Guzman Brothers, LLC., to LDG Holdings, LLC., Ls1-3 B5, Spring Hill, $280,000.

Eric R. Duncan; Ashley S. Duncan to Indiana Bloom; Hannah Brodersen, 1916 Airborn Drive, Jacksonville. L222, Base Meadows Phase 3, $278,000.

John J Goss; Deshantra D. Singleton to Lisa Brown Bucknor 60 Eagle Nest Court, Little Rock. L792, The Hills- Otter Creek Community Phase II $270,000 4/5/22

Stuart Burke; Deronda Burke to Matthew Allan Jorgenson; Michelle Kay Jorgenson, 12713 Pleasant Forest Drive, Little Rock. L18, Pleasant View Phase I, $265,000.

James W. Tamas to Gerard Dietrich, 201 Walnut St., Little Rock. L6 B5, Glendale, $264,900.

Tanya Cannon to Stone Castleberry; Amanda Castleberry, 19100 Springway Drive, Alexander. L29, Lakeside Mountain (Formerly: The Farm), $263,500.

Keith A. Jasmin; Kimberly K. Jasmin to William Harris, 2741 Gemstone Cove, Sherwood. L17 B11, Stonehill Phase IV, $260,000.

Commissioner In Circuit to The Iclar Company, Inc., Ls3-12, 20 & 22 B39, Josephine Pankey’s 3rd Extension, $260,000.

John Todd Evans; John H. Evans (dec’d) to Jennifer Thompson, 2223 Gunpowder Road, Little Rock. L11, Colony Place, $257,500.

Nathaniel Reid Bartlett; Jessica Rachelle Bartlett to Paul G. Crum, L171, West Pointe, $255,101.

Reverse Mortgage Funding, LLC., to Reverse Mortgage Funding, LLC., 10701 San Joaquin Valley Drive, Little Rock. L18 B41, Pleasant Valley, $253,500.

William T. Brookshire, Jr.; Craig Flowers to Harry Moore; Sammie Moore, L57R, Shannon Hills East, $252,500.

Suzanne Savary to Patricia J. Manea, 11 Snow Mass Cove, Maumelle. L39, North Ridge, $252,500.

David B. Herring to James Bradford Sweeney; Allison Michelle Sweeney, Unit 1005, 300 Third HPR, $250,000.

Roger Reiner; Sandra Reiner to Jennifer Leanne Estrella; Jorge Estrella, 25300 Blue Gill Road, Roland. Pt NW NW 18-3N-14W, $249,900.

Scott M. Bradon; Julie C. Brandon to Jordan Bone, 53 Ridgewell Road, Sherwood. L2 B9, Oakbrooke Phase III, $245,000.

Anne E. Houtchens; Jeremy H. Houtchens to Karl William Sass; Maryln Sass, 55 W. Point Drive, Maumelle. L215, West Pointe, $242,000.

Sandra Lee Pearce; Stephan Pearce to Lauren Elizabeth Bryant, 13717 Ivy Point Road, Little Rock. L13 B9, Cedar Ridge, $239,900.

Garry Shaw; Carol Shaw to Philip Forrester; Lori Forrester, 132 Cabanel Drive, Maumelle. L1215, The Quarters- The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase 20, $237,000.

Stephen Dalby; Christen Dalby to Wahida Rashid; Saad Haider, 13100 Misty Glen Drive, Little Rock. L9, Westhampton, $235,000.

Scott Jordan Hicks to Pixel Properties, LLC., 12312 Cherry Laurel, Little Rock. L9 B3, Cherry Creek, $235,000.

Kevin Vines to Adrienne K. Carlson, L16, Austin Gardens, $234,900.

Matthew J. Collins to Maluisa Bete Diocson, 20 Forest Glades Circle, North Little Rock. L96, Peaceful Valley, $232,000.

Travis P. Fowler; Sarah Fowler to Randolph Littles, 1401 Sweetgum Lane, North Little Rock. L11, Cypress Crossing, $232,000.

Aerial Parish to HPA III Acquisitions 1, LLC L59, White Oak Village, $230,000.

Polly Suzanne Russell; Polly S. Ball; John Ganio Russell to Olivia M. McKee; Lori Jean Moore, 2612 Crouchwood Road, Little Rock. L29, Kingwood Place, $230,000.

Andrew C. Winegarden; Elizabeth M. Winegarden to Ling Tang; Keyu Chen, L508, Walnut Valley 3rd, $228,000.

Jack W. Abrahamson to Karen R. O’Keefe, 14106 Sweet Bay Drive, Little Rock. L20 B7, Parkway Place, $225,000.

REI Nation, LLC., to Christoffel James Sayler; Jaclyn Sayler, 1508 Osage Drive, North Little Rock. L3 B27, Indian Hills, $225,000.

Dustin A. Frankson; Christina N. Frankson to Thomas Howe; Elizabeth Howe, 100 Cedarwood Drive, Sherwood. L18 B5, Autumnbrook Annex, $222,500.

Sherrell G. Hanks to Arlene Williams, 2 Idlewild Place, Maumelle. L48, Leisurewood, $220,000.

Village Capital & Investment, LLC., to Village Capital & Investment, LLC., 13 Majestic Court, Maumelle. L45R B1, Majestic Pointe Replat, $218,346.

James Richard Timmer, III; Sharon K. Timmer to Jonathan Ruth, 6 Hightrail Drive, Maumelle. L95, Edgepark, $215,500.

Jay Kim to Nicole Broadway, 300 East 3rd St., Unit 1503, Little Rock. Unit 1503, 300 Third HPR, $215,000.

Steven J. Hughes; Leora D. Hughes(dec’d) to Sarah Ellen Roberson; Trent Bower, 7502 W. Markham St., Little Rock. Pt NW NW 1-1N-13W, $215,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC., to Logan Dahlke; Lacey Dahlke, 8600 Northwood Creek Drive, North Little Rock. L52, White Oak Crossing, $214,390.

Rebekah H. Lewis to Chris Maris Custom Homes & Remodeling, LLC., 6704 Brentwood Road, Cammack Village. L6, Cammack Woods, $212,500.

Earl Rodgers; Dorothy Jean Rodgers to Debra R. Kidd; Perry L. Kidd, 1700 Mandy Cove, Jacksonville. L1, Jenny Lynn, $210,000.

Brooke Henley; Brooke A. Jines to Patrick K. Kellar; Ericka J. Kellar, 11401 Southridge Drive, Little Rock. L52 B5, Walton Heights, $210,000.

Edward W. Christie, Jr., to RR4 OPCO 1, LP L95, Sandalwood Phase II, $207,000.

Janet A. Nelson to Racheal Leeann Carter-Ragan; Herbert Henry Ragan, IV, 1715 Biscayne Drive, Little Rock. L62-R, Sheraton Park Section B Replat, $206,000.

Andrew Thomas Pickle; Kaylee Beth Pickle to Christopher Utley; Jameson Lee Utley 3723 N. Pine St, North Little Rock. L7 B15, Park Hill NLR $205,000 4/6/22

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC., to Linda Lock; Reginald Lock, Sr., 6 Wisteria Drive, Little Rock. L41, Wisteria, $200,665.

Robert David Bentley; Alta Geneva Bentley (dec’d) to Roy B. Gilbert; Sheri L. Gilbert, L24, Shannon Hills, $200,000.

Sean M. Richardson; Sarah M. Richardson to William D. Massey; Cynthia E. Massey, L15, Hunter’s Ridge $200,000.

Dewayne L. Sora to Pamela Allen, 1724 Troop Court, Jacksonville. L62, Base Meadows Phase 1A, $200,000.

Robert C. Oswalt; Kara Oswalt to Daniel Smallidge, 126 Plumdale Drive, Sherwood. L38 B1, Willowood, $199,700.

Ian Moore; Estate Of Hazel Moore(dec’d) to Jessica Shanell Fonzie; Traylin A. Allen, 2616 Silver Maple Drive, Little Rock. L411R, Otter Creek Community Phase III-B, $197,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC., to Elizabeth Dumas, 59 Laney Loop, Little Rock. L25, Stagecoach Meadows, $195,950.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC., to Brittany Michelle Coleman, 18 Big Bend Drive, Mabelvale. L207 B2, The Parks At Mann Road, $195,890.

Sowards Contracting Services, Inc., to Kelly Goodrich; Chloe Goodrich; Evan Goodrich, L5 B11, Oak Forest, $195,000.

Nicholas D. Leopoulas; Nicholas S. Leopoulos; Ashley E. Leopoulos to Sonia M. Stasyszyn, 160 Sheridan Road, North Little Rock. L1 B132, Park Hill NLR, $190,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC., to Shenika R. Gray 12321 Wahoo Drive, North Little Rock. L532, Faulkner Crossing Phase 10, $189,040.

Rose M. Farquhar to RR4 OPCO 1, LP L23 B7, Hicks Interurban, $189,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC., to Browns Lake 5, LLC., L19, Stagecoach Meadows, $186,340.

Shelly W. Roberts to James Brian Lakey, 97 Point West Circle, Little Rock. L46, Point West, $185,500.

Jimmy Nelson Greenhaw; Gloria Renee Greenhaw to Rachel K. Flinchum; Benny L. Flinchum, 514 Welham St., Jacksonville. L65, Heraldry Manor Phase IV, $185,000.

Judy K. Williams; Judy K. Barber Givens to Kiara Williams, 17 Karon Court, Little Rock. L407, Twin Lakes Section F, $185,000.

Sivan Aballi to Natalie Martin, 620 N. Pierce St., Little Rock. Ls17-18 B22, Lincoln Park, $185,000.

Richard C. Foster, Jr., to RR4 OPCO 1, LP L35, Little North Fork, $181,000.

BJR Group, Inc., to RR4 OPCO 1, LP L9, High Country, $181,000.

Branden Mikal Lytle; Frances Amanda Amick to Trevon Wilkerson, 9205 Cloverhill Road, Little Rock. L26, Clover Hill Place, $180,000.

Robert D. Garrison to Elizabeth Allgood Vanlandingham; William Tyler Vanlandingham, L14 B60, Indian Hills, $180,000.

Cameron Calbery to John Kingrey, 4907 Old Tom Box Road, Jacksonville. Lot D, McDermott Unrecorded, $180,000.

Marion E. Tolson to Double Trouble, LLC., 101 Bearskin Drive, Sherwood. L1 B1, Westlake, $180,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC,. to Christopher Lee Adams, 12 Big Bend Drive, Mabelvale. L205 B2, The Parks Phase I, $179,900.

JLP, LLC., to Aja S. Taylor, 5901 La Mirado Drive, North Little Rock. L13 B3, Tanglewood Annex, $179,500.

Timothy Charles Bexten to RR4 OPCO 1, LP L5 B6, Lake Cherrywood No.2, $179,000.

William T. Meadows, Jr.; Susan E. Meadows to Dora Nelly Acosta Abarca, 79 Warwick Road, Little Rock. L1 B2, Breckenridge 1st, $178,000.

Tonya Nicole Elms; Tonya Nicole Brown to Chantia Gomillion, 5541 Trammel Estates Drive, North Little Rock. L205, Trammel Estates Phase II, $178,000.

Deborah R. Sperling; Estate Of Raymond H. Curry (dec’d) to George Heard, 10 Oaken Trail, Jacksonville. Ls125 & 127, Green Valley, $177,000.

James Bradford Sweeney; Allison Michelle Sweeney to Daniel B. Burns, 816 North St., Unit 36, Little Rock. Unit 36 Bldg 816, The Cliffs HPR, $177,000.

Richard Kaegi to Amber Lynn Davidson; Robert Washburn, 155 Sheridan Road, North Little Rock. Ls15-16 B3, Hickory Mountain, $175,000.

Ronnie L. Nordstrom; Royal R. Nordstrom (dec’d) to Annecia Smith, 1209 N. Jeff Davis St., Jacksonville. L3R, St James Place Phase I. $175,000.

REI Nation, LLC., to Fabianna Cuggionni; Sergio Peirano, 1311 Southeastern Ave., Jacksonville. Pt E/2 SE 29-3N-10W, $170,000.

Phyllis L. Hill to Staci C. Allen, 108 Bracey Lane, Little Rock. L1 B2, Stagecoach Crossing Phase II, $170,000.

Sampson Harris; Annie M. Harris to Alicia Ruth Suphan, 1401 S. Jackson St., Little Rock. L1 B1, Bushmeyer’s Annex No. 1, $170,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC., to Lakebra Wilkins, 11 Big Bend Drive, Little Rock. L106 B1, The Parks At Mann Road, $169,090.

Debra Uselton; Joe Michael Uselton to Ask Thompson Enterprises, LLC., L10 B13, Indian Hills Phase III, $167,500.

James Givens, Jr.; Gloria Jean Givens to Eric Alden Reyes, 908 Lehman Drive, Jacksonville. L3 Bi, Briarfield Section 2 Replat, $165,000.

Charles E. Middleton; Sherry A. Middleton; Charles And Sherry Middleton Living Trust to Axel A. Gutierrez, 700 East 9th St, Apt. 3M, Little Rock. Unit 3M, Quapaw Tower HPR, $164,000.

Jake Honea; Jakie Honea to York Edwin Wilborn, Jr., 206 Tivoli Lane, Maumelle. L6 B15, The Villas At Audubon, $164,000.

Pixel Properties, LLC., to 3 B And L, LLC., L22, Treasure Hill Section 1, $164,000.

Carlos J. Borges; Carmen N. Harcia Borges to Zachary Douglass; Patricia Perez, 103 Cedarwood Drive, Sherwood. L2 B6, Autumnbrook Annex, $160,000.

Tami R. Grable-Tindall; Charles Grable & Tami Grable Revocable Trust to Thomas Gary Palmer; Sheila Palmer, 513 E. Maryland Ave., Sherwood. L20 B1, Spring Grove, $158,200.

Robert Anthony Keesler to Joseph Scott Runyan, 9106 Peach Tree Lane, Sherwood. L28, Peoples No. 1, $155,000.

Isabella Snow Gokey; Isabella Snow; Jason Gokey to Ashley K. Buford; Michael D. Buford, 11201 Appomattox Drive, Mabelvale. L16, Shiloh II, $154,500.

Lynne M. Connor Hare; Lynne Minor Connor; Marvin Hare, Jr., to CVR Global Investments, LLC., 6 McGovern Drive, Little Rock. L16 B6, Breckenridge 1st, $154,000.

City Of Little Rock to Pamela D. Woodfork, 4713 W. Charles Bussey Ave., Little Rock. L2 B1, Hyde Park Replat, $150,000.

RLCG Rentals, LLC., to Taylor R. Meadows, 8326 Holiday Drive, Sherwood. Pt NW SE 6-2N-11W, $150,000.

William F. Dunaway to Joshua John Stadther, 3500 N. Olive St., North Little Rock. L8 B27, Park Hill NLR, $150,000.

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