Historic Garfield School site will soon become affordable housing

The now empty Garfield School.

SAULT STE. MARIE — Sault Ste. Marie can expect several new apartment buildings to rise from historical sites next year.

Garfield Landing has been home to the Garfield School since 1898. The now empty building is up for consideration to become a historical site, and will also become the future home to dozens of Soo residents.

Community Housing Network (CHN) is a nonprofit housing organization that in the past has worked mostly in the Detroit area to provide affordable housing. CHN is beginning its first project in Chippewa County by renovating the building and land surrounding the building of the Garfield School, which has stood empty sine 1970.

“We’re renovating the inside because we wanted to maintain the historic building. It’s this really cool sandstone building … the outside still looks like it did in the 1800s,” said Shelley Brinkmann, vice president of real estate of the Community Housing Network. “You can tell where the kids would have walked up and down the hallways and where the classrooms were, so it still has that integrity.”

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