Construct Safe Homes, Offices – Safety Professionals Advise Nigerians

A licenced Safety Professional, Dr Wilson Arikpo,  adviseNigerians to embrace the culture of safety in building designs and constructions as well as in their social and economic lives to stay safe from hazards.

Arikpo made the call during a hybrid programme organised by the Safety and Security Watch Magazine in  Lagos on Friday to commemorate the 2022 World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

The theme of the 2022 Nigeria Safety and Security Awards and Lecture (NSAS) was “Act Together to Build a Positive Safety and Health Culture in Nigeria”.

He said there was always conflict between safety and security principles but advised that safety should always be made a priority to save lives.

He listed various ways to practise personal security citing situations such as when withdrawing large sums from the bank, confronted with fire as well as escaping from various kinds of dangers either at home, work or public.

He said that homes should be designed with  escape routes within or out of the building without being noticed, adding that, houses should not become traps during fire or other emergencies.

“Most houses are built in such away that if there is fire incident, when fire service comes, they will not be able to have access,” he said.

He explained how buildings could be designed in such away that the house would have more than the regular two exits to create other invisible outlets to escape crime, fire or other disasters.

He advised that children and family members must be taught to keep quiet about secret exits within their homes or areas of operations.

He joked about people thinking that some people disappeared within their homes or communities when followed by criminals, whereas, they simply escaped.

“When you build your houses, think outside the box,” he said.

He explained the principles of the three don’ts of security.

“Deterrence; that is not attracting attention to one’s self is critical. The society is getting worse and every measure must be put in place to avoid being a soft target.

“People should reduce risks around them in homes, work place by taking care of gadgets.”

The guest lecturer, who is a fellow of several local and international, also listed the various kinds of hazards to include electrical, occupational, home, gadgets and fire among others and proffered ways to avert or escape from them.

Mr Fynray Mbata, immediate past General Manager, Safety, MTN, commended Dr Chinyere Musa, Managing Editor, Security & Safety Watch Magazine for the 9th edition of the event.

Mbata said to improve Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), there must be multi stakeholders partnerships between the public, private sector and civil societies.

“Goal 17 SDG speaks about strengthening the means of implementation and revitalising partnership for sustainable,” he said.

Dr Segun Musa, BOT Chairman, Security & Safety Watch Magazine, said that the security challenges in the nation was deepening because of lack of collaboration and partnerships to resolve the crisis.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that awards were presented to experts who distinguished themselves in safety and security issues.


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