Hatters Chatter: Luton fans on Sunderland draw, CEO’s apology for Hornets loss and Jones’ call for perspective

James Bree looks to win the ball back against Sunderland
James Bree looks to win the ball back against Sunderland

Luton were held to their fifth home draw of the season by Sunderland on Saturday, pegged back in the second half once more.

Although Carlton Morris gave Town the lead with his eighth of the season, an equaliser from Black Cats substitute Elliot Embleton with 13 minutes left ensured the visitors left with a point.

After the contest, @hatter60 tweeted: “Probably a fair result on the day, but 13 points dropped from winning positions is disappointing.”

@fargo9090: “Sunderland a good side and it was a really good game. Happy with a point

@gompstomp78: “Pelly was really good when he came on.

“Totally committed to every challenge.

“Great to see him back.”

Prior to the match, Town CEO Gary Sweet used his programme notes to apologise for what he described as a ‘horror show’ against Watford the previous weekend, Luton losing 4-0 to their biggest rivals.

Responding to those comments, @MISTERPDW tweeted: “No need to apologise.

“Every football team loses games.

“It was very bad, but this obsession about Watford isn’t healthy.

“Losing five points against Wigan and Huddersfield was far worse, but don’t recall anyone from the club apologising then.”

@sombrerero: “Fair enough, he’s a fan too after all.

“No point making a fuss about that, we were all disappointed.

“It’s only one game though, no reason to let it derail a good season.”

@scruffgolfer: “Never understand this apology thing, let’s face it we know they gave 100% but just beaten on the day by a better side.”

@LutonTownExile: “’Inept’. ‘Didn’t perform for which there’s no excuse.’ I don’t like this.

“Some of it is unnecessary.

“Go on record saying everyone’s gutted & wanted better. Fine. But leave it at that.

“‘Inept’ is personal. No need. Sweet’s dropped one here.

“They’re a fan’s words, not a CEO’s.”

@wearelutontown: “The most important part of what he said: ‘What is important now, is that we bank the frustration and pain to act as a reminder at a later date.’

“The hurt isn’t going to go away for anyone, but if we keep going over it then it won’t do us any favours whatsoever.”

Meanwhile, Town chief Nathan Jones had called for some perspective about the performance at Vicarage Road, pointing to just what his side have achieved on what was his 300th game in charge.

Reacting to that, @robbie2610: “He is 100% correct.

“People need to realise what Jones and these players have done.

“1 bad result in the last 7.”

@greyfriar1224: “We know all this. We don’t turn on the players but it still hurts.

“We also know it’s just one game and we are still in a good position.”

@John_Pile: “Firstly, I think NJ reads social media. I can imagine him enjoying reading praise, but getting angry at criticism.

“Secondly, nobody can dispute we have done well under him, enjoying more good times than bad.

“That doesn’t mean fans can’t be upset about a performance v your rivals.”

@lloydyhomann: “Everyone 100% backs Nathan Jones and the boys, they’ve given us some incredible years as Luton fans and for that I am eternally grateful. #COYH”

Finally, Sweet also went to give the latest on Town’s efforts to move into their new ground at Power Court, reassuring fans that the club were continuing to make progress with their application.

@topofthegrots tweeted: “I’ve worked in Construction/ development for 15 years.

“In my experience, the fastest part of any project is physically building it.

“It does always seem to take an absolute age before you can actually get cracking on site, especially with a more complex scheme like this.”

While on the Luton News Facebook page, Mal Dolby added: “Remember going to the first event down the Kenny and seeing the plans, talking to the planners, Mr Sweet etc.

“Plans have changed so many times not sure I will ever set foot in there in my lifetime.”

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