Zeppelin Development Growth Strategy Brings New Tenants, Projects in 2022


Adam Larkey

By Adam Larkey, director of Sales and Leasing for Zeppelin Development

Capping off a record-setting year in 2021, Zeppelin Development enters the new year building on its success of collaboration and addressing its tenants’ ever-evolving space needs. Looking ahead, 2022 is lining up to be another big year as Zeppelin plans more improvements, expansions and additions at the TAXI campus, Zeppelin Station and The Source Market Hall + Hotel. Furthermore, within the next few months, Zeppelin will deliver not one but two new hospitality concepts: A-Frame Club in Winter Park, as well as the completely renovated Western Hotel in Ouray, Colorado.

Record Growth at TAXI

Now totaling ten buildings on a twenty-eight-acre campus, over 150 businesses and more than 300 residences, it’s hard to imagine that TAXI’s bustling campus was once the home to various industries, including an old Yellow Cab Taxi depot. Developed as an amenity-rich, live-work community, Zeppelin found that its vision at TAXI has resonated with businesses and residents more than ever.

Providing short-term rental flexibility, offering an abundance of well-landscaped outdoor spaces, emphasizing fresh air and natural light within all of the buildings, and including parking in leases were all factors that contributed to a record-breaking year for both the number of commercial and residential leases with 300 transactions. This growth trend is expected to continue through 2022 with the groundbreaking of TAXI’s Kabin 2 project, the construction of a new 400-stall parking structure, as well as the delivery of a state-of-the-art fitness center, with an inground, year-round swimming pool.

“At the center of our success is a commitment to flexibility and listening to our community. More than ever, we’ve learned that our entrepreneurial tenants want the valuable amenities like signature garage doors and the ability to flex into new spaces when needed, while not being hamstrung by long-term lease agreements,” said Kyle Zeppelin, president of Zeppelin Development.

New tenants have found the shorter-term lease options and flexibility of moving into better functioning space to accommodate growth at TAXI attractive. Zeppelin Development has transitioned to mostly using a simplified, gross lease occupancy agreement allowing small business owners to cut down on inefficiency and to complete the leasing process seamlessly without having to expend extra resources. With small businesses moving out of home offices and coworking, Zeppelin has seen a significant increase in demand for smaller full-service, furnished suites where internet and amenities are included. Low-rise buildings with either operable windows or garage doors offer an intriguing value proposition when compared to the downtown skyscrapers, where elevators become pinch points and there is a lack of fresh air inside the buildings.

Source Hotel and Market Hall

The Source Hotel + Market Hall continues to grow and evolve. As it nears its 10-year anniversary, new retailers that serve and bring the community together are added. Two of those recent additions are popular vintage clothing stores: Darklands, which also houses a coffee shop in their space, and Heart of Vintage. Building on an incredibly strong first year at The Source, Temaki Den will greatly expand into a former brewery space, adding a full commercial kitchen as well as an events space and dedicated bar. Eyes Open has expanded its offerings with a new retail pop-up highlighting Japanese makers and artisans called SF76.

A-Frame Club

The A-Frame Club is an exciting new hospitality venture by Zeppelin Development with an eye towards detail and experience for the discerning guest. The first location, slated to open this Spring, is located in Old Town Winter Park, Colorado, nestled within two wooded acres along the Fraser River. A 9,190-square-foot lodge, features a bar-saloon, restaurant, and a ski shop, open to both guests and the public.

These 31 A-Frame cabins are designed by Skylab Architecture, a world-renowned interdisciplinary design studio based in Portland, Oregon. The prefabricated A-Frame design compliments the natural surroundings and remains ecologically friendly. A network of boardwalks link the cabins (set atop low piers) and lodge together.

Each cabin has a 450-square-foot floor plan with a living room, sofa-bed, bathroom, kitchenette, and ladder-accessed lofted bedroom. Finishes and furnishings include cedar-paneled walls, custom millwork, Malm fireplaces and vintage decor, creating a style mixing mid-century-modern design details and the nostalgic Golden Age of Skiing. Tall windows frame the Fraser Valley
views, bringing the outside in.

Celebrating Ouray History – Western Hotel

Originally built in 1891, the 16-room Western Hotel in Ouray, Colorado is completing a massive overhaul to celebrate its rich history, while elevating the experience. Estimated to open this Spring, the hotel will bring a new and unique place to stay to Ouray, with luxe rooms, an iconic saloon, a general store, and a high-end spa.

At Zeppelin Development, we like to say “Development is a privilege, but it’s also a responsibility.” We look forward to creating more access and projects that fill unmet needs and continuing to further push the envelope through creativity and collaboration.

As the Director of Sales and Leasing for Zeppelin Development, Adam Larkey spearheads all of the commercial leasing, acquisitions and dispositions for the company and has successfully closed over 250 transactions. 

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