victor ortiz designs two ‘ivui stables’ for an expanse of fields in florida

victor ortiz takes to florida


New York-based architect Victor Ortiz heads down to the eastern coastline of Florida with the design of these Ivui Stables. The two small buildings are to be built within the same property, with one covering 200 square meters, and the other 150 square meters. These private stables will provide shelter and accommodation for the property owner’s horses, and will integrate storage space for equestrian equipment. While each space features a unique design, both will be constructed with cross-laminated timber beams and columns organized along a simple grid.

victor ortiz ivui stableIvui Stable I, image by Victor B. Ortiz Architecture



the two unique ‘ivui stables’


The first Ivui Stable by Victor Ortiz (see more here) is sited nearest to the house, and is envisioned as a dialogue between traditional American architecture and lightweight, contemporary design. A curved wall deviates from the structural grid to define the entrance threshold, leading from the covered outdoor patio to an interior corridor. This simple, curved gesture breaks the structure’s rigid logic. Above, a peaked hip roof integrates a skylight to flood the interiors with natural light.


The second stable explores the architecture through a sinuous, gestural roof. The design introduces a sense of movement to the form and welcomes sunlight into the enclosed space, ‘blending the organic flow of nature, and the rigidity of a man-made structure,’ Victor Ortiz tells designboom.

victor ortiz ivui stable
Ivui Stable II (see more in the gallery below)

victor ortiz ivui stable
Ivui Stable I

victor ortiz ivui stable
Ivui Stable I victor ortiz ivui stable
Ivui Stable I

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