Understanding various strategies and implementing them can strengthen your position in Real Estate world, says Adil Sami – The UBJ

“There is a word that has brought us together today; that is called entrepreneurship,” Adil added, “I think entrepreneurship will be one of the most important words in the coming period and it is the spirit and understanding of entrepreneurship that will carry Turkey even further than where it is located. Mr. Adil also points out that Turkey is one of the world’s leading countries in Real Estate and today Turkey is an important location in the world with its entrepreneurs. We need to move this ecosystem further by preserving our entrepreneurial spirit and supporting entrepreneurship.”

If you are most interested in Entrepreneurship and Real Estate development, your inspiration should be Adil, a man of exceptional business sense. Founder of Fortune Group Turkey, he is the top-ranked real estate investment advisor in Turkey. Based in Istanbul, Fortune Group Turkey is an investment management company that provides complete end-to-end real estate solutions including off-plan sales, secondary sales, leasing, and property management.

He is an Entrepreneur and Real Estate mogul that can teach you a thing or two about strategizing for the times. Many investors are focused on commercial developments, residential housing, or the hospitality sector. Adil’s development and investments are versatile and therefore, include many of these projects. However, he also has a clear sight of the current real market situation. Catching the trend is something that he was good at since the beginning of his real estate career.

The cut-throat world of real estate can be particularly unforgiving to new entrepreneurs. However, the payoff can be huge. Whether you want to become a top broker or develop an empire of investment properties of your own, it helps to take lessons from Adil who has already done it. He shares that there are a few things that require consideration. The real estate business is not for any faint hearts. Making money through real estate requires one to be ready to face the pitfalls and the potential challenges. Understanding the various strategies, assessments, adjustments, and implementation if necessary ensures earning profits for a real estate entrepreneur.

“Building a fortune in real estate is all in your hands. You definitely can thrive in real estate even if you start with rather small capital. This business is all about making the right decisions oriented toward long-term gains. And most importantly, real estate investments remain strong even in difficult times. You can see this now as property markets are booming in many countries, despite the coronavirus crisis. Therefore, now can be the greatest time to start your investment portfolio in real estate and if you feel stuck somewhere, I am here to advise you. But one thing that you need to keep in mind is that your initial financing is the most important factor to consider when making this investment path.”

He further explains, “the real estate market has produced both multimillionaires and billionaires throughout the years. A proper investment in real estate can help you grow your wealth. Long-term, it has the potential to be appreciated.” Adil has made his mark on the industry through various channels including TV appearances, authorship, property sales, and speaking engagements. He creates customized training programs for companies, small businesses, success-minded individuals, and entrepreneurs.

In a futuristic city like Turkey, we aspire to be a business that focuses on the future providing excellent services to our clients before and after sales and creating a dominant market position,” Adil concluded.

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