The Recorder – Real Estate Transactions: May 6, 2022

Published: 5/5/2022 7:00:50 PM

Modified: 5/5/2022 6:59:19 PM


1576 Conant Road. $290,000. B: Jeffrey W. Smith. S: Anthony J. Truchinskas Estate and Paula A. Morris.

176 Orange St. $198,000. B: Chantal G. Laurore. S: John J. MacMillan.

56 Pierce St. $239,450. B: Charlene M. Berthiaume and Felicia R. Thompson. S: Ernest E. LeBlanc Jr.


Bald Mountain Road, Lot 1. $80,000. B: Seneca Realty LLC. S: David Slocum and Donald Slocum.


108 North Main St. $330,000. B: Roxanne E. Smead and Jeffrey S. Gagnon. S: Thomas Smead and Roxanne Smead.


227 Chapman St. $215,000. B: Kenneth K. Onduso. S: Michael S. Coulombe.

176 to 178 Davis St. $240,000. B: Rachel A. Fagen. S: Donald W. Miller.

408 Davis St. $120,000. B: Paul-Michael T. McKenna. S: Gregory P. Roberts.

82 Devens St. $297,500. B: Jina Kim. S: Zachary Shaun-Browne.

14 Freeman Drive. $275,000. B: Noah L. Cahillane and Julie L. Letendre. S: Joanne F. Burns.

7 Myrtle St. $354,500. B: Alex K. Phakos and Lisa M. Minter. S: Refined Design Homes Inc.

1 Village Green. $385,000. B: Dustin E. Sabelawski. S: Edward P. Sabelawski.

28 Water St. $180,800. B: Stacey Brunette. S: Jacqueline A. David.


707 Fairway Ave., Lot 707. $191,000. B: Daniel Solomon. S: Christopher Bagley and Rebecca Bagley.


363 South Mountain Road. $191,400. B: Jonathan D. Gibbons and Stephanie J. Fuller. S: Steven W. Fuller and Barbara H. Fuller.


40 to 42 Cottage St. $120,000. B: Thomas J. Doane. S: Rene Arsenault.

183 Wendell Depot Road. $245,000. B: Richard Coffin and Olivia Hough. S: Jean M. Sinclair.


Davenport Road. $81,000. B: Pine Tree Trust, Amy P. Trevvett, trustee. S: Jean-Claude van Itallie Estate and Deborah Katz.


400 Athol Richmond Road. $225,000. B: Lawrence J. Boudreau and Michelle C. Boudreau. S: USA HUD.

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