The Recorder – Real Estate Transactions: Feb. 11, 2022

Published: 2/10/2022 2:40:46 PM

Modified: 2/10/2022 2:39:14 PM


Hawley Road. $45,000. B: Jeanna Newmerzyckyj. S: Katherine O. Pothier.

266 Ranney Corner Road. $10,000. B: Kenneth B. Miller Investment Trust, Kenneth B. Miller, trustee. S: Michael F. Purcell and Carrie A. Purcell.


804 Conant Road. $111,000. B: Andrew Maroni. S: Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.

56 Exchange St. $200,000. B: Roselco Real Estate LLC. S: Elizabeth A. Collins and David Collins.

234 King Road. $95,000. B: Lynne M. Porrazzo. S: Todd E. Harbour.

535 King Road. $217,500. B: Madison MacAdams. S: Cody S. Stoddard and Jessica C. Stoddard.

52 Marble St. $40,000. B: Steven B. Curtis Sr. S: Ryan F. Curtis.

89 Ridge Ave. $275,000. B: Sally Seaver. S: Bachelder Realty Trust, Matthew C. Bachelder, trustee.

350 Riverbend St., Lot 106. $167,000. B: Chelsea L. Gagne and Kathleen A. Smart. S: 350 Riverbend Street LLC.


Charlemont Road. $65,000. B: Bruce D. Lessels and Karen J. Blom. S: Dena G. Willmore and Martha J. Thurber.


299 Greenfield Road. $409,000. B: Adam J. Daniell. S: STS Properties LLC.

14 Old Albany Road. $224,000. B: Adrie Rose. S: Donna L. Almstead and Patricia A. Michalowski.

Sandgully Road. $80,000. B: Michael DeSorgher and Michelle M. DeSorgher. S: Lorraine M. Kieras.


181 Old State Road. $5,500. B: Lisa M. Goheen-Cole. S: Lisa M. Goheen-Cole and Jessica L. Goheen-Cole.


10 Cross Road. $280,000. B: Helene Grosvenor. S: Jacob B. Rau and Amy F. Rau.

1 Main Road. $650,000. B: PGM Property Management LLC. S: Steven B. Luzi.


350 Chapman St. $230,000. B: Lucas T. Seaman and Morgan Kain. S: Kevin C. Seaman.

29 Cypress St. $169,900. B: Bonnie L. Brown. S: Timothy D. Mosher and Tammy S. Mosher.

73 Fairview St. East, Lot B. $150,000. B: Dragon and Crisostomo Realty Trust, Mirtha Crisostomo, trustee. S: Christine M. Evans.

62 Fargo St. $440,000. B: Tatyana Mihai and Valeriu Mihai. S: Ronald P. Croteau and Jeanne M. Croteau.


49 East Road. $575,000. B: Douglas F. Blough and Sienna Valente-Blough. S: James R. Schaefer and Jonathan C. Schaefer.

62 Labelle Road. $450,000. B: Kiley E. Turner and James T. Heroux. S: Michael King and Evelyn L. King.


220 Pratt Corner Road. $600,000. B: Kathleen F. Markland and Keith F. Markland. S: Tramazzo Family Trust, Shaina C. Tramazzo, trustee.


17 Masonic Ave. $191,000. B: Joseph P. George Jr. S: George R. Marchacos and Nancy J. Marchacos.

68 Old Stage Road. $506,500. B: Adam M. Thurrell and Nicole R. Thurrell. S: Athena M. Morris.


81 Highland Ave. $225,000. B: Joshua Lim and Mary Lim. S: Thomas Aquinas College.


85 Cheney St. $295,000. B: Joshua Blackburn. S: Reginald C. Haughton Jr.

Hamilton Avenue. $67,000. B: V&J Real Estate Inc. S: Norman E. Bartlett and Rhonda C. Bartlett.

50 South Main St. $1. B: Forget It BNB LLC. S: Town of Orange.

58 South Main St. $18,208. B: Orange Equity Holdings LLC. S: Richard Horton and Sarah Horton.


495 Highland Ave. $214,000. B: Alexis Szymakowski. S: Robin L. Szymakowski.


51 Stone Hill Road. $70,000. B: Donna Thatcher and Emma Sabella. S: Kimberly Duval and Paul Duval.


140 North Silver Lane. $435,000. B: Louai Abu-Osba. S: Stanley E. Mieczkowski Estate and David J. Maslanka.

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