The Different Materials Used in Architecture Design

We use different materials to build structures, such as the buildings we use. For architects, these materials are essential to making a quality design.

We use numerous resources as materials for building different structures around the world. The materials we use are essential for making a building stand for decades. Each type of material has various aspects that make it a good option for structuring facilities and provide them with the reliability architectural designers and engineers want.


Wood is a classic material in architecture and acts as a go-to option for creating structures efficiently. Wood is lighter than most other architectural materials and cuts easily to accommodate different lengths and sizes. Architects will implement numerous types of wood—such as lumber, timber, and oak— for varying degrees of sturdiness and protection against elements.


Many long-lasting structures use concrete as the essential material of their design. Concrete is a thick, durable, and temperature-resistant material used in architectural design for sustainability and protection. Buildings that house people needing help, such as shelters and hospitals, will have concrete as their primary building material in the case of dangerous weather. Concrete is useful for trapping heat or cold within a building, given its high density, which is why most basements are cooler than the rest of the structure.


Steel has the durability to withstand heavy forces and the ability to flex and bend when necessary. Steel is heat-resistant, making it ideal for construction that may implement a powerful heat source, such as a furnace. Steel is used in various applications, such as metal mesh for architectural design and girders to create the frames of buildings.


Many modern buildings implement glass for its aesthetic appeal and transmission of light. The clear appearance of this material gives a building a spacious feeling while also admitting light to brighten up the space. Glass in windows and doors makes visibility of the outside building easier compared to non-transparent materials such as wood or stone. Various types of glass, such as acrylic or stained, may offer protection or aesthetics in a particular area.


Brick buildings are common worldwide for their strength and ability to sustain different shapes when stacked with cement. Bricks are building blocks made from clay and fired during manufacturing. Milwaukee is known for its cream city brick, which gets its name from its color. This brick comes from clay surrounding Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Many older buildings in Milwaukee have this style of brick as their primary material.

The materials used in architecture are important and help create the structures we see today. Architectural design has led us to build great things and will help us make future structures with great materials.

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