The Art of Coby Schultz

While the duo continues to work just feet from each other in their creative space like they did in college, Schultz has done plenty of work on his own. The Seahawks Gameday poster series is one such avenue of creation that Schultz has used to showcase his individual skills and creativity.

The Artwork

This week’s gameday poster differs greatly from those of past weeks, in both colorway and spacing. Blitz, the Seahawks’ beloved mascot, is depicted charging down the field, pigskin tucked securely as he prepares to squash the ironically-small New York Giant with his cleats. The poster features the word “Seahawks” emboldened in action green largely across the poster, omitting the nickname of the 6-1 Giants.

In the past, Schultz has used a variety of focal points for the gameday poster, from specific players to clashes of team colors. With this week’s poster, Schultz has shifted focus to making this one about the home team.

“On other posters I have focused on a specific player (like DK Metcalf in the Halloween poster last year vs Jacksonville),” said Schultz. “This time around I wanted to make it more team, and even Seattle focused. Us vs them. I like where we’re at coming into this one. I think we can all agree our confidence is high right now, so this does a good job of carrying that feeling going into the game.”

Schultz broke down some of the dynamics of his design process – in this case, the first steps in creating the gameday poster.

“The first and easiest place to go is the matchup,” said Schultz. “I personally like to think of a classic gridiron clash. Icon vs Icon. Mascot vs Mascot. I went straight to the clash. The twist is how small the giant is to Blitz. The mind doesn’t have to travel too far to make the leap on how things end up.”

This week, Seattle will look to imitate the art and step over the 6-1 Giants, as they fight to secure a tighter grip of the No. 1 spot in the NFC West.

This week’s proceeds for Schultz’ Gameday poster will go to Growing Veterans, a non-profit created to provide resources for military veterans returning home from service.

Pickup your limited-edition Coby Schultz Seahawks Gameday artwork and find out more about Growing Veterans here.

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