Sheboygan County proposes 2023 budget increase; more for staff, health

SHEBOYGAN – The Sheboygan County Board discussed next year’s budget last week and will take final action on the budget Nov. 1.

Here is what you need to know about the proposed 2023 budget.

How much is being spent?

About $182,189,000, a $14.8 million (or about 9%) increase from last year’s budget of $167,376,000.

The increase will mainly come from the use of federal American Rescue Plan Act funds, larger capital projects planned for 2023 and an anticipated $1.9 million increase in sales tax revenues.

Of the total $22.4 million in ARPA funds received by the county, the county board has already assigned $17.9 million to projects, leaving about $4.5 million available, County Administrator Adam Payne said.

In recent years, the county has been striving to maintain existing programs and services, and this budget does not make any substantial changes in departmental budgets or personnel, Payne said.

“Our board is fiscally conservative,” Payne said. “We don’t want to raise property taxes more than a reasonable, modest amount to sustain programs and services — such as law enforcement, health and human services, our nursing home, parks, roads, what have you.”

A pie chart of Sheboygan County total expenditures in the 2023 proposed budget, including total expenses for major departments. The "General Government" category includes the budgeted expenses for all departments not listed. Funding for the budget includes property tax levy, state and federal funding, fees for services, interest revenue and other non-levy revenues.

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What’s it going to cost me?

Sheboygan County's 2023 tax levy broken out by major categories. The Sheboygan County property tax levy increased about $862,000, or 1.66%, from 2022 to 2023.

The tax levy is recommended to increase by about $862,500, or 1.66%, to a total of $53 million.

The county’s property tax levy has increased an average of only 1.3% per year over the last decade, including the proposed 2023 budget, a track record Payne said he would put up against any county.

“In a year of unprecedented challenges, Sheboygan County continues to maintain strong reserves, an excellent bond rating, and we have hard-working, caring staff providing high-quality services,” Payne wrote.

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