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In recording deeds, the state of North Carolina does not require that the amount paid for a parcel be stated on the deed. However a tax stamp at the rate of $2 for every $1,000 in value is affixed to each deed.

Recent real estate transfers recorded in the Surry County Register of Deed’s office include:

– Estate of Grady Cooper Jr., The John Cooper Living Trust, John Cooper Living Trust, Caroline Cooper Lamm, Grady Cooper Jr., Daniel Kent Lamm, Grady Cooper III, John Stephen Cooper, David Samuel Cooper, Joseph Vann Cooper, Mary Campbell Cooper, Larry R. Hazelwood, Harvi Collins Cooper, Daniel G. Dobbins, Angie T. Dobbins, Grover C. Dobbins and Martha Dobbins to Kevin Burcham; 0.672 acres PB 40 115 Dobson estate of Grady Cooper Jr. 21 E 595; $48.

– Estate of Donald A. Blackburn, Thomas C. Flippin and Donald A. Blackburn to Regina Blackburn Reavis; 1.85 acres Bryan estate of Donald A. Blackburn file 22 E 144; $0.

– Estate of Fred Dupree, Daniel Dupree, Amee Dupree and Fred Dupree to Hector Nieto and Julian Nieto Castillo; 0.64 acres Mount Airy estate of Fred C. Dupree file 22 E 126; $270.

– William L. Thompson Jr., Irma D. Delany and William L. Thompson to Maurice A. McKinney; 1.02 acres lot 8 and 1.02 acres lot 10 Thompson Estates Pilot; $13.

– L&T Tree Service of Elkin, Inc. to Nicholas A. Wood and Summer Wood; 0.27 acres Elkin; $238.

– Christopher Mark Stevens and Cathy Stevens to Jorge Lopez Gastellum and Sagrario Guadalupe Pena Martinez; two tracts 231 Galloway Street Mount Airy; $598.

– Ricky Wayne Seamon and Kati Marie Seamon to Maria De La O Investments; 11.896 acres tract one PB 40 58 South Westfield; $150.

– Estate of William David Dressman, Teresa Dressman Remaley, William D. Dressman, William John Ramaley, Diane Dressman Whited, Ronald Whited, Patricia Dressman Cain, Alan Cain and Michael David Dressman to David P. Hiatt and Maria B. Hiatt; lots 27-28 Woodside Estates PB 7 125 Mount Airy estate of William David Dressman 22 E 267; $518.

– Estate of Kathaleen Cox Smith, Kandy Smith Hudspeth and Kathaleen Cox Smith to Traci Lynn Watson; 0.790 acres estate of Kathaleen Cox Smith file 2022 E 301; $210.

– Wu Lin and Xu Mei to Aracheli Guerrero and Primitivo Guerrero; lot 2 Fairfield subdivision section 2 PB 6 101 Mount Airy; $458.

– Ricky Wayne Seamon and Kati Marie Seamon to Shelby Lyn Atanacio; 14.948 acres tract two PB 40 58 South Westfield; $184.

– Carol N. Lowe to Joe Howard Melton and Charlene S. Melton; 0.053 acres tract two PB 40 87 Stewarts Creek; $1.

– Gentry Living Trust, Coney O. Gentry and Claire Gentry to Robert Henderson Stone and Katherine Taylor Stone; 12.817 acres PB 9 107 Elkin; $116.

– Shirley Jean Noah to Paulette Davis and Gary Davis; 0.3528 acres lot 3 section 4 Town & Country Woods PB 7 73; $364.

– Scottie Lee Davis and Jimmy R. Gillespie and Mackenzie Gillespie; 0.33 acres Dobson; $226.

– Rex Joel Marion Jr. and Donna T. Marion to Erik R. Bruce and Carrie H. Bruce; lot 20 Windsor Park subdivision section 2 PB 12 149 Dobson; $670.

– Estate of Anthony Duane Saul, Gary E. Saul, Anthony Duane Saul and Christine Peters Saul to Sandra Farley Nichols; condominium deed unit 6 A Pilot Echo Condominiums BK 1 94-97 Pilot estate of Anthony Duane Saul; $430.

– R&S Nichols, LLC and S&T Nichols Properties, LLC to Jarod Allan Wilson and Morgan Nichols Wilson; tract 4 96/100 acres; $54.

– R&S Nichols, LLC to Jarod Allan Wilson and Morgan Nichols Wilson; three tracts Dobson; $200.

– Doris Stein and Doris Robinson Stein to Dutch Maritime Investments, Inc.; tract Mount Airy; $306.

– Eduardo Luque Sanchez to Austin D. Ragland and Olivia K. Ragland; tract Elkin; $4.

– Maria P. Hicks to Michael William Hicks; tract 127 Young Street Elkin; $0.

– Richard Harold Layne and Angela N. Layne to Briseida Alcala Ibarra and Ruben Alcala Rivera; 1.811 parcel 2 PB 40 182 Rockford; $18.

– Jewell Thomas to Paula Johnson; tract Stewarts Creek; $0.

– James Warren Harrell Jr. to Christopher Burkhart and Lisa A. Brady; tract Mount Airy; $30.

– Lucille M. Doyle and Kathleen Ann Kaye to James M. Lewis and Teresa Donathan Lewis; unit 14 A Greystone Condominium bk 1 251 and 342 and 397-399 and PB 23 134 and 192 Mount Airy; $758.

– CEL Investments, LLC to Allie Grace Leonard and Brandon Wesley Faw; lot 37 section 4 Knollwood subdivision PB 12 186 Stewarts Creek; $396.

– Brian Grey Bowles to Richard Caudill; lot 8 Nichols Acre PB 13 169 and recorded PB 13 169 and 184; $286.

– Max R. Hiatt and Dorothy F. Hiatt to Leon G. Hiatt; tract Noel Lane Mount Airy; $6.

– Brenda Ann Snow to Kimberly Snow Reynolds; tract one 2 acres and tract two 2.70 acres Stewarts Creek; $0.

– White Rock United Methodist Church, James Steve Wright and Clinton McCann to Robert L. Hutchins and Renee H. Hutchins; portion of lot 1 Brookridge development PB 8 18 Bryan; $20.

– Mitchell Lane Surratt and Tamara Dawson Surratt to Cameron William Spencer; condominium deed unit E-7 Country Club Condominiums bk 1 17-19 Mount Airy; $260.

– Clara S. Yokley Revocable Living Trust, Oscar H. Yokley Jr. Revocable Living Trust, Laura B. Yokley Scott, Oscar H. Yokley Jr., Clara S. Yokley, Oscar H. Yokley, Megan Elizabeth Gillespie and Dustin Dale Roberson to Megan Elizabeth Gillespie and Dustin Dale Roberson; condominium deed unit 100 Hazelwood Plantation Condominiums phase 1 bk 1 143-149 Mount Airy; $640.

– Dorothy Law Currin to Christopher Ryan Henson and Alicia Wallace Henson; lots 19-22 Farmbrooke subdivision PB 6 138 Mount Airy; $590.

– Donald Nelson Gardner and Sarah Elizabeth Gardner to Wallace E. Geiger and Theresa M. Geiger; tract Mount Airy; $1,190.

– Lonnie O. Jackson and Rachel S. Jackson to Ricky Utt and Sheila N. Utt; lots 33-36 block A PB 3 80 Mount Airy; $186.

– Patricia Newton Miner to Ramone Chavez and Antonia Arellano Anselmo; tract one 1.0302 acres tract four and tract two 1.0305 acres tract five Haystack Acres PB 13 170 Franklin; $80.

– Joshua A. Addington and Emily N. Addington to William Chad Johnson and Emily Paige Harmon; 2.606 acres PB 29 3 Rockford; $386.

– Wiley Edwards and Louise Edwards to Kathryn Blair Miller and Clayton Carroll Miller III; lots 15-16 Mountain Manor Estate development PB 7 6 and PB 26 118 Franklin; $0.

– Blaine M. Montgomery to Feliciana Ventura Vico Cervantes; 2.91 acres Marsh; $160.

– Timothy Dale Hodgin, Robin Hodgin, Gary Wayne Hodgin, Dianne Hodgin, James Marshall Hodgin and Denaye J. Hodgin to Jimmie McMickle; 2 parcels Mount Airy; $0.

– Estate of Alice Joleen Lawrence, Donna L. Shelton, Jeff Shelton, Anita Kaye Hull, Brent Hull, James Wafford Lawrence, Lisa Lawrence and Alice Joleen Lawrence to Dale A. Chess and Penny L. Chess; tract one 1 acre and tract two tract 301 Quaker Road Mount Airy estate of Alice Joleen Lawrence file 22 E 208; $260.

– Susan Law and David Rosenfeld to Mark Gigliotti; tract one 0.6896 acres; $21.

– Benjamin Davis Whitaker, Laura Moser Whitaker, Ben D. Whitaker and Laura M. Whitaker to Brittany Leann Johnson; 1.056 acres PB 23 96 Siloam; $201.

– Estate of Gloria Jean Green, Gregory Green and Willie T. Green to Charlene Marie Nicholson and Donnie A. Nicholson; 1.00 acres Mount Airy estate file 20 E 475; $191

– Kayla Beth Mabe, Joshua Shelton, Josh J. Shelton, Kayla Shelton, Ashley Shelton and Kayla Mabe to Faith Longworth; lot 5 block A PB 7 35 Michell Bluff Estate; 241.

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