PALMA abstracts mountains beyond mexico city with ‘jilotepec’ dwellings



mexico city– and sayulita-based studio PALMA presents a series of dwellings, dubbed jilotepec, that is at once humble, exciting, and rooted in its context. while the compact, stone-built residences are realized with a natural material palette which reflect the local vernacular, they are distinctive in their simple geometries. the design team has taken influence from the dichotomy of its two locations, a vibrant urban context and a pacific coast village. the team’s experience in mexico city has lent a priority toward rebuilding and repairing while the village location taught them to work with a team of locals during the design and build processes.

jilotepec palmaimages courtesy of PALMA | @palmamx





the jilotepec residences by PALMA (see more here) comprise a pair of private houses which rise from a gently sloping landscape. the project is sited along the outskirts of mexico city, and takes on an expression which is informed by its rural context backed by a range of mountain peaks. these cues led to the buildings’ natural materiality of locally sourced stone along with their simple, peaked volumes. the overall material palette includes a facade of terracotta plaster and a roof wrapped in ceramic tiles. masonry walls define two courtyards within each house, united by a communal fire-pit.

jilotepec palmathe houses are built of locally-sourced stone

jilotepec palma
the jilotepec residences comprise two dwellings, connected by a communal firepit

jilotepec palma
the project looks outward to the distant mountains

PALMA abstracts the mountains beyond mexico city with its 'jilotepec' dwellings
the simple geometries take shape as abstracted mountain peaks

PALMA abstracts the mountains beyond mexico city with its 'jilotepec' dwellingseach dwelling hosts two open-air courtyards at its front and rear



project info:


project title: jilotepec residences

architecture: PALMA | @palmamx

location: mexico

design team: ilse cárdenas, regina de hoyos, diego escamilla, juan luis rivera

project team: joana andrade, tonatiuh armenta, flora block, sofía diez, pablo pérez-alonso, luisa verenguer

completion: 2021

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