Palm Springs gallery show explores depictions of Western landscapes

"Joshua Tree's Reflections" by Delphine Bordas is one of many pieces now on display at the Desert Art Center studio gallery exhibition "Desert Vibes."

The mystery of the desert begins with the barren land dotted with cactus, mesquite and Joshua trees and scattered palm-laden oases. The area has motivated architects to go wild with innovative ideas for urban modernism. Solving the desert mystery is the objective of “Desert Vibes,” a photography exhibition exploring the Western landscape through photography and digital art.

Delphine Bordas and Matthew Bamberg, artists at the Desert Art Center in downtown Palm Springs, explore the contrasting scenes of the West from the organic forms and shades of gray in Borda’s black and white prints to Bamberg’s rendition of the vivid colors and shapes of mid-century modern signage and architecture.

To put the landscape puzzle together, one must consider the towering mountain ranges that prevent rain-producing clouds from entering the inland portions of the West, creating an endless array of thorny cacti and tiny-leafed brush rising from the sandy terrain under the blistering sun. 

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