Owners of defective homes concerned thousands may be excluded from scheme

Concerns have been raised that thousands of apartment owners who have paid to fix construction defects in their homes could be excluded from any future State scheme.

The Construction Defects Alliance, an advocacy group for owners of properties affected, says many of its members are worried that people who are paying levies for remediation work will now stop because it is not clear if they will be covered retrospectively by any future remediation scheme.

The alliance has estimated up to 92,000 apartments built during the boom in Ireland could be affected by legacy defects such as a lack of fire-stopping material.

An Irish Times investigation running since December 2018 has found owners are facing bills of up to €60,000 to remediate severe mould, collapsing roof canopies, rotting balconies and lack of fire-safety measures.

A working group was set up by the Department of Housing in October 2020 to establish the scale of the Celtic Tiger building defects problem, what the potential cost of remediation might be and what financial solutions could be agreed.

The alliance estimates about 20 per cent of defective homes have already been remediated, about 18,000-20,000 apartments.

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