OPINION Running for Housing Authority to help vulnerable residents

Hello to my fellow Swampscott residents. My name is Charlie Patsios, and I am running for the seat on the Swampscott Housing Authority.

Some of you might know me for my many years as a Town Meeting member, and some might also know me as an outspoken person during those town meetings. So, why am I running for Housing Authority and why now?

During the past two years, our lives have been anything but normal. Many things have changed but one thing that hasn’t is the condition of our public housing. The most vulnerable, our seniors, families in need and those with disabilities, are faced with even greater challenges. They are expected to get by as the cost for food, clothing and necessities spiral out of control, with no end in sight. I want to help to make their lives better and to serve our town to the best of my abilities.


I believe that my decades of experience in real estate development, property management, and navigating the state’s offices which form policy to deliver assistance to local communities like Swampscott puts me in a unique position to help the Swampscott Housing Authority. We can start now with very simple steps, and I will work with our local, state and federal partners whenever possible to do what we can for our needy population. Let us re-establish strong trust locally.

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