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Decatur, Ill. (WCIA)

At Main Place Real Estate, we know real estate can be an emotional and difficult process, especially when it comes time to sell. That’s why we are proud to partner with Randall Residence of Decatur.

Our special guest today is Kate Williston, the Director of Sales and Marketing. She has been coaching and guiding families with choices in senior living for the past 10 years. Kate also serves on the Board at the Decatur-Macon County Senior Center and is certified as A Matter of Balance Coach.

The Randall philosophy
The Randall family has been caring for seniors since the 1950’s, and they are very passionate about providing environments in which the focus is on relationships and delivering a remarkable senior living experience to each and every resident.

A lot of seniors still believe that a senior living is a nursing home. We have come a long way since that era. Randall, and many other senior livings now offer maintenance-free options like Independent Living with private apartments or villas, as well as Assisted Livings and Memory Cares which provide more one-on-one nursing support. Having a Therapy department in-house and meals provided allows residents to live longer and better lives. Senior living is for those ages 55 and better.

What are the costs?
If you do a cost comparison to the services you are paying to maintain your home, senior living is very comparable. Sometimes, it can even save you money in the long run. You have to weigh making your home handicap accessible to an environment that is already set up with those features. If you do choose to stay at home, we always recommend coming up with your future plan.

What are the benefits?
When you don’t have the maintenance of a home, residents are able to spend their energy on what they love, rather than what they have to do to survive. Senior living offers social outings, exercise and therapy, homemade nutritious meals as well as nursing care and 24-7 emergency support. Randall Residence’s motto is senior living for the Independent spirit.

How to transition
Working with a senior living guide can be helpful to assist in the emotional process of making a transition. Talking with someone who understands the journey, and has experience with helping families can minimize stress. We can also suggest trusted resources such as estate planners, elder attorneys, rightsizing experts, veterans affairs, moving companies and auctioneers. Partnering with realtors like Main Place Real Estate is also a great first step.

When should I start the process?
It’s best to plan ahead, and the best time is always before you have to make a decision. It’s much easier to begin research before you “need” to make a change. There are steps, and we like to break them down one at a time, so that it’s not overwhelming. Many senior communities have a waiting list so it’s never too early to start looking. There’s often no expiration to a waiting list. The most common expression we hear is, “I wish I would’ve done it sooner.”

Should I sell first, or move first?
If you have a home to sell, we tend to recommend you move first, then sell. This allows a new resident the opportunity to get their apartment just the way they want it, before purging any leftover treasures. Don’t let the “stuff” stand in your way of a lifestyle full of freedom.

How can Main Place Real Estate assist in the transition?
Main Place Real Estate will do a free home assessment so you can get an idea of how much your home is worth before you even think about moving. It’s a no pressure approach to make your move more manageable and less stressful. We like to recommend a step by step process to help seniors prepare for their home sale:

Map out a Plan
Set Priorities
Evaluate Renovations
Discuss Staging Options
Contact Trusted Resources
Contact Main Place Real Estate at 217-394-9096 or to schedule a free, no obligation home valuation.

Contact Kate Williston at (217) 877-5327 or for Senior Living guidance.

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