MSHEL Homes: Redefining Luxury Via Innovation, Integrity, Excellence

The Chief Executive Officer of Mshel Homes Limited, a real estate firm in Abuja Nigeria, Arc. Barka Umaru Mshelia, is a business development expert and a business strategist who has mastered excellent approaches to helping different businesses strive in dynamic ways. He explained how he is providing innovative and constructive solutions to solving challenges in the real estate sector.



Mshelia said at Mshel Homes, the firm brings to life the dream of owning a home via redefining luxury and giving its clients a brand-new experience.
“We build more than just houses; we build homes. We believe that the home is the starting place of love, hope, and dream. Building and sustaining trust with our clients is the core of everything we do. We are committed to serving you. You deserve the best and that is why we go for the best in terms of location, building materials and services. He sa

He said, “Mshel Homes Limited offers outstanding investment vehicles and advisory services to you. We ensure that our clients get the best deals. Our team of experts possesses an intimate knowledge of the market, identifies opportunities, minimizes the risk, and maximizes profit.

He averred that Mshel Homes Limited has been involved in the execution of a wide range of building constructions, development of housing estate, consultancy services, and projects of different sizes and complexities in Nigeria.

He said, “MSHEL Homes Limited has a team of experienced professionals who work in collaboration with clients to deliver personalised and unique services. With our business model, you get our products and services without stress, assuring you of our responsiveness, commitment, flexibility, and results.

“With years of experience and thorough understanding of the facets of the building and construction industry ranging from development, funding, planning, and understanding the individual’s specific needs of our clientele and delivering to them, we assure you that our ability and performance will match your needs and exceed your expectations.


MSHEL Homes: Redefining Luxury Via Innovation, Integrity, Excellence

Arc. Barka Umaru Mshelia – Chief Executive Officer of Mshel Homes Limited

“Via investing with you easily attain financial freedom. It is a journey we are glad to guide our clients through. Investment is a vehicle for attaining financial freedom. It does not only make you rich it keeps you rich.”

On why the firm builds luxurious houses in choice locations, he said everybody deserves to enjoy ease in their day-to-day life.

He said, “The choice of our location is dependent on several factors. They include the availability of infrastructures such as access roads, power supply, security, good drainage systems, and other basic facilities around the area.

“The presence of socio-economic activities in the area and the proximity of the site to social amenities.

“The level of development in the area, feasibility, the presence of these in and around our site enhances the marketability and makes it a choice location for all.”
On how he birthed the idea for MSHEL Homes Limited, he said he believes it is an inspiration from God because he had a deep burden to solve some of the problems he saw in the housing sector.

“This motivated me to start marketing land and houses that were affordable and genuine. Being an Architect, I design and construct houses for people and relate with developers and contractors. I observed the dishonesty and unfaithfulness of some of them; This drove me to start thinking of ways to provide satisfying solutions to clients by; Providing affordable plots of land and houses within our estates, providing smart homes for our clients at an affordable rate, and providing satisfying experiences within our estates.

Other reasons according to him are giving them excellent customer care services, keeping to its promises in terms of infrastructure within the estate, being transparent with clients, giving clients new experiences, and providing clients with opportunities to invest through buying properties and having good returns in investment within a very short time frame.
Speaking further, he said Mshel Homes Limited is a real estate development and construction company incorporated in September 2018.

Mshelia said the firm is a highly reputable company with several years of experience in the provision of qualitative services.

On the firm’s offer, Mshelia said the real estate company sells plots of land within its estate and allows clients to co-develop with an approved building plan.

“We have plots available to build blocks of flats, Terraces, semi-detached duplexes, and fully detached mansions with sizes ranging from 150sqm to 800sqm at different locations around Airport road. We also have luxurious properties around Katampe extension, Guzape, Maitama, and Asokoro where there are terrace duplexes and a fully detached mansionette available.

“The commercial properties available include shop spaces in our estates and a complete shopping plaza in Guzape area of Abuja.”
Mshelia also noted that in Mshel homes they offer clients a brand new experience where they can reflect their personality in their homes.

“We have offers for land sales with sizes ranging from 150sqm to 800sqm whose prices vary based on location and the sizes of the plot from as low as N2 million.

“The green area, school and shopping complex plus the availability of great infrastructural facilities helps improve the quality of environment our clients enjoy.”

With a blend of excellence and functionality, Mshelia said the firm’s Smart Homes are built to provide clients with a lifestyle by constructing finished houses within its luxury estates around Guzape, Katampe extension, Asokoro, and Maitama.


MSHEL Homes: Redefining Luxury Via Innovation, Integrity, Excellence


“We have luxury duplexes for as low as N75 million to N460 million based on the level of luxury finishing you desire and the location of the property. All our properties are en-suite, every square inch of the home is built and designed with total commitment to creating unconventional real estates that are sustainable and the results are always magnificent,” he said.

On packages for Nigerians/Africans in Diaspora, the CEO said that the firm has smart buildings in urban locations within the heart of Abuja.


MSHEL Homes: Redefining Luxury Via Innovation, Integrity, Excellence

“We provide clients with various options of locations such as Asokoro, Gwarimpa, Katampe Extension, and Guzape. We provide our clients with flexible payment plans from two months to two years with peculiarities based on the exact project of interest.

“We provide you with plots of land for as low as N2 million that are relatively close to locations with social amenities and within security. We also present to our clients the opportunity to build their house gradually at their pace within 2 years or 18 months working directly with the company’s engineers.

“We offer affordable contemporary built houses, and structurally qualitative houses and we are absolutely transparent and accountable; you can trust us to be transparent with money and information while building your homes,” he said.


MSHEL Homes: Redefining Luxury Via Innovation, Integrity, Excellence


He also listed rising insecurity across the nation, poverty, poor building quality and regulations, and Naira depreciation/devaluation as some of the hindrances to growth in real estate in the country.

“With our Mshel Bridge Ville Asokoro (five bedroom fully detached mansion) and Mshel Orchid Villa Maitama (a six-story building) are fully automated homes; one of their kind in Abuja. We are redefining luxury and giving our clients a brand new experience. In these projects, we are working to provide sustainable solutions right from the design, to the external and internal finishing.


MSHEL Homes: Redefining Luxury Via Innovation, Integrity, ExcellenceMSHEL Homes: Redefining Luxury Via Innovation, Integrity, Excellence


“Generally, the major challenge in the real estate sector is the problem of making decent housing available and affordable for Nigerians. The problem of the large deficit in housing and the constant fluctuation of the cost of building materials makes housing affordability quite difficult and complex.

“With the high population increase and the estimated population of Nigerian cities in the next 20 – 30 years, I can say that the real estate industry is the future. I believe that the high demand and expected delivery of housing from this industry will lead to a lot of innovation and technological advancement in housing delivery across Nigeria and Africa. Nigeria and especially Abuja would become much more developed having skyscrapers and high technology structures due to unavailability of land space.


MSHEL Homes: Redefining Luxury Via Innovation, Integrity, Excellence


“I also believe that Mshel Homes Limited will be at the forefront of this movement as we are and will stay highly committed to new knowledge and remain undeterred in facing new challenges in meeting the growing demand for housing across Africa,” he said.
He noted that MSHEL Homes Ltd distinguished itself via innovation, integrity and excellence.
“These make us unique and different. We always create room for creative ideas in design and construction. We also ensure that our services are rendered with excellence.
“In addition, we uphold our value of integrity; which can be a rare commodity in the real estate sector with utmost commitment. I believe that not compromising on these standards has helped us stay different over the years,” he stated.

On how the firm achieved its growth, he said the firm is solution-based, resilient, consistent, and not complacent, with proven records of integrity and transparency.
Mshelia noted that what keeps him and his team motivated is a constant reminder of its vision and a review of its work so far. We also understand that our contribution reflects the excellence in the nature of God and thereby helps us understand that each work is done as unto God not as unto men.

On his outlook for the upcoming year, Mshelia said, “I am very optimistic that the upcoming year will be great. I believe that we would provide more sustainable housing solutions for Nigerians and we would do it more uniquely and spectacularly.”

Mshelia In Brief
The CEO/GMD of Mshel Homes Limited, Barka Umaru Mshelia is an astute entrepreneur and an Architect. He is also a life coach. He is a Chartered Project Manager (CPM), a Certified Management Consultant, and a Certified Management Specialist (CMS), and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Business Management.

Contact details;
Email: [email protected] , [email protected]
Instagram: @mshelhomes
Tel: +234 8077779287, +234 8104444229

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