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BIG SKY – Growing up, John Haas’ father and grandfather were carpenters and contractors, exposing him to the trade at an early age. Today, Haas owns Haas Builders, which he founded in 1989 in Park City, Utah, and moved to Big Sky in 1998 where they build custom, high-end homes.

Explore Big Sky spoke with Haas Builders Vice President, Kali Quick about the business and how they’ve helped Big Sky grow—from their work in Town Center to their support of local nonprofits. You may have noticed their latest projects breaking ground off of the Town Center Roundabout. The Franklin building will soon be home to nine local commercial businesses and home to 18 residential condominiums.

This series is part of a paid partnership with the Big Sky Chamber of Commerce. The following answers have been edited for brevity.

Explore Big Sky: Tell me about the history of Haas Builders? When was it founded and how has it grown since?

Kali Quick: Haas Builders was originally founded as Haas Construction in 1989 in Park City. Building through the slow times in Park City, and up through the excitement of the Olympics, before moving to Big Sky in 2001. For the past 21 years, Haas Builders has focused on custom home building in town and in the clubs. HB has also built a handful of commercial buildings in the Town Center, creating spaces for local business owners and condominiums for locals and employee housing. Haas Builders has been a huge supporter of local non-profits and many community events. 

EBS: How big is your team?

K.Q.: Our team is small but mighty: John Haas, President; Kali Quick, VP; Jennifer Staubach, office/accounting; and in carpentry: Steven Wandle, Blair Ballyntine, Seth Barlow and Allen Deard.

EBS: Tell me about the different services you offer?

K.Q.: Haas Builders [offers]: custom home building, remodeling, commercial development and residential condominiums. Local projects include: The Liquor Store Condominiums [consisting of] 10 Local Housing Units; The Recycling Center, [HB] donated the land and manages all marketing and fundraising; LS&T Storage–Outdoor trailer and boat storage service; Essentia Condos–developed and built; The Franklin–commercial spaces all filled by old and new local businesses; as well as some residential condominiums on the upper floors.

EBS: With all the growth in Big Sky, what would you say is your focus right now?

K.Q.: Our focus will always be to provide incredible service, value and quality to our clients. 

We just broke ground on The Franklin building, located on the northwest side of the Town Center Roundabout. This beautiful building will be home to nine local commercial businesses and home to 18 residential condominiums.

EBS: What is the best part of working at Haas Builders?

K.Q.: The best part of working at Haas Builders is knowing that we help our community grow and thrive, as well as support the local non-profits. We help clients build their dream homes in Big Sky to create memories that last a lifetime, as well as provide housing to 16 local employees.   We have also provided commercial spaces for 25 local businesses.

EBS: What is the best business advice you have ever received?

K.Q.: The best advice I have received [is]: “Once a job has begun, do not leave it until it’s done. Be the job great or small, do your best or not at all.”

EBS: Anything else you would like the community to know?

K.Q.: Having been a part of Big Sky for over 21 years, Haas Builders loves Big Sky and contributing to our local community. John founded the Spanish Peaks Community Foundation almost 11 years ago and held Presidency for the first 10 years, which has donated almost $2,000,000 to local non-profits.

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