Magna Prime relaunches Sinclair paint solutions

Magna Prime Chemical Technologies Inc. said it is bringing back the paint brand Sinclair amid the boom in the construction sector due to the reopening of the economy.

According to Magna Prime CEO and Founder Derrick Tan these offerings have been years in the making prior to the return of the iconic paint brand to the market.

“It took us a while to do our research and development to understand the needs of the market,” he told the BusinessMirror in an interview on the sidelines of their press launch at the PHILCONSTRUCT 2022 in Pasay City last Friday.

“Because of the easing pandemic, it’s a good timing for us to reintroduce and relaunch Sinclair paints.”

With the emergence of technological advancements and competitive construction development market in mind, the company said it will offer “a broader and more advanced selection of products” that provide beauty, durability, affordability, and eco-friendly solution.

The brand’s lineup of quality products include the acrylic system, comprised of marine shells-inspired Natica Waterproofing Paint, which can also be used as a primer, sealer and top coat for exterior walls; and Tamago Cleanable Interior Paint that takes on the sheen of an eggshell.

“We developed a product that is both a waterproofer and paint. So it’s going to be very economical for the Filipino,” Tan said.

Magna Prime is the first paint manufacturer in the Philippines to offer the water-based Armadillo Polyurethane Paint that is tough and flexible just like the New World placental mammal.

“It’s durable for five to 10 years,” he said. “Normally, we recommend it for medium- and high-rise buildings.”

Taro Silicone Paint is a pioneering product as it can penetrate through the pores of the substrate, thus enhancing its adhesion. Likewise, it has high-performance formula creating high-vapor permeability that allows water vapor to escape from the surface, avoiding the build-up of algae and fungus that cause paint to peel off or appear like a blister.

Tan said this paint is suitable for structures in highlands, beside seashores, and areas where wall moisture is present. He said, “So even if you paint and then there’s moisture, the moist will just come out because its breathable.”

Sinclair has also leveled up its Classic Paint selection, ranging from oil-based to water-based paints, namely, Ligno, Rhino and Cascara. Its colorants products are made to provide good color retention without losing the glossiness of the base paint.

There is also the Chameleon Colorant, which gives accurate blend and color, as it combined homogenously either with water-based, solvent-based or epoxy-based type of paints.

“With more Filipinos enjoying DIY [do-it-yourself] home projects, Sinclair paint products that are highly recommended by professionals are made to spark creativity and freedom, while providing protection, peace of mind, and value to Pinoys’ hard work and money,” Tan said.

“Our mission is to help the contractors, engineers and homeowners that need like durable, friendly products that are easy to use or make,” he said. “You can expect a lot of innovation in the coming months and years.”

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