Madorica Real Estate 2: The Mystery of the New Property announced for Switch, now available

GIFT TEN INDUSTRY has announced Madorica Real Estate 2: The Mystery of the New Property for Switch. It is available now via Nintendo eShop for $18.99.

Here is an overview of the game, via


In this game, visit properties and solve puzzles by noting down information and clues on a printed floor plan. Folding, cutting and rolling the floor plans will be vital to beating the game. Each of the 20 stages contains various themes and challenges, including puzzles that involve sound and color. Most stages can be completed in 30 minutes, but some of the larger stages will take more than an hour to solve!

If you like solving riddles but aren’t sure you can beat the game, don’t worry! If you get stuck, there’s a hint function that can help you solve each puzzle. There are also explanatory videos that make it easy for first-timers and beginner puzzle-solvers to play too.


Welcome to Madorica Real Estate! In a town full of haunted properties, it’s the only real estate agency that rents out safe, ghost-free houses. The newly appointed manager of the branch, you’re off to visit different properties and make them ready to rent by getting rid of the ghosts. But endless mysteries await, and the ghosts won’t go quietly either…

Game Flow

  1. Print a floor plan of the property!
  2. With the floor plan in hand, solve the property’s mystery!
  3. Get rid of the ghosts!
  4. Mission accomplished! Head to the next property!

Fun with friends and family or as a single-player experience, Madorica Real Estate combines analog and digital elements to create a puzzle game that will need all your insight and intuition to beat!

Watch the launch trailer below.

Launch Trailer


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