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Lauren Henfey is a renowned Designer and founder of her firm, Famous Meadow. She’s an artist with a background in Architecture from Pratt Institute. Growing up at the beach, fully immersed in nature has nurtured her passionate, loving bond with the earth. In 2014 she became a Green Roof Professional with GRHC. Since, she has been working with Green Roof firms, Landscape Designers, Artisan Fabricators, and Ecological Design firms, gaining hands-on experience, creating empathetic, living architecture in NYC, California and internationally. She is transforming the planet creating visionary art and living architecture, intimately connecting people and communities to nature. Lauren is currently bi-coastal, working with Rana the Co-Habitat Co. an Ecological Design firm based in Carmel, California. 

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Why did you become a Green Roof Professional (GRP)? 

I studied Architecture and I have always been really interested in protecting the Earth.  In my designs I was very conscious of putting any nature back that we were taking away with Architecture projects. It was really important to me that I pay attention to what’s happening from a global perspective. Green roofs make the most sense, especially in cities and ecologically diverse habitats. 

What does your job entail? What does your day to day look like?

I’m currently an independent contractor and my day to day is always different. A lot of times I am researching different native species of plants, doing design layouts, and calculating water collection and usage. A large part of it is designing and connecting people and communities to nature. 

What is your favorite part of your job?

It would be the feeling that I get when you’ve created something from nothing. That you get to see it and realize how much of a difference it makes on any space once you create a native habitat. Having it function, and seeing the wildlife, humans and the world being designed in a more empathetic way is really, really beautiful. 

What’s your favorite Green Roof?

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