How To Win A B&T Award With The Leach Partnership Founding Director Sangeeta Leach

It might still be June, but the deadline for entries into this year’s B&T awards is fast approaching (they’re due Monday 19 July at 5 PM, in case you were wondering).

This year we’re helping you like never before with our new series, ‘How To Win A B&T Award’, where we speak with a host of judges, past winners and other special guests about all the tricks and tips you need to win the big prize.

Today, we have The Leach Partnership Founding Director – and longtime judge – Sangeeta Leach sharing some valuable insight from the judge’s desk

When it comes to what the judges are looking for, she has a simple formula.

“We’re looking for the extraordinary,” Leach told B&T.

“An entry that just leaps off the page grabs you, and sort of almost demands to win because it’s so undeniable.”

And while sheer brilliance is the key to any winning entry, ensuring that the

“I would suggest that people who really want to win an award take some time out at the beginning and really think about why is this the year?” she said. “What makes them special this year.”

“Have you done something really interesting with your business model? Have you had some amazing impact on the industry?

“These are all bits of the criteria as well, that a lot of people forget about. Sitting right at the front of the process and thinking about what makes you special gives you a theme and allows you to tell a story to the judges that is really compelling.”

But Leach’s most important piece of advice falls under the category of what not to do.

“It’s when the bullshit meter goes off,” she said

“When you read an entry, and people aren’t just being strong and proud about their achievements, but sort of straying into the territory of invention – that is when, as a judge, the alarm bells go off.”

To find out more about this year’s B&T Awards you can visit the website here.

A friendly reminder that entries close on Monday 19 July 2021 at 5pm AEST (late entries close on 26 July).

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