Greener construction with building blocks made from plastic waste

A new construction-grade building block made from discarded plastic waste by waste recycling startup ByFusion aims to provide a sustainable building material to the industry while addressing the increasing environmental threat of plastic pollution.

Made entirely from recycled and often unrecyclable plastic waste, ByBlock is a high-performing construction material that can be used for walls, sheds, fencing, landscaping and even furniture. Made on a patented system called the Blocker that uses only steam and compression, ByBlock is manufactured by first shredding plastic waste, and then superheating and fusing the waste into construction blocks.

Similar in dimension to standard concrete cinder blocks (CMU), each ByBlock measures 16″ x 8″ x 8″ (40cm x 20cm x 20cm) and weighs 10kg. The interlocking blocks are assembled by running metal rods through each ByBlock using the clearance holes provided, reinforcing structural strength while two pins on the top and two dimples on the bottom connect one block to another. ByBlock does not require any additives, fillers, glues, or mortar.

According to ByFusion, ByBlocks can be installed 75% faster than regular concrete blocks or bricks, helping save more than 50% on material and labour expenses. ByBlock also produces 41% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than concrete blocks, thereby contributing to greener construction.

ByBlock’s user-friendly build, coupled with its eco-friendly footprint, makes it a unique building material compared to traditional construction materials, says ByFusion.

ByBlock brings other advantages to any construction project. ByBlock’s plastic composition renders it insect-resistant and waterproof. Any structure made from ByBlock can be disassembled and repurposed easily without impacting strength or quality. ByBlock will not crack under pressure or break if dropped. Very importantly, ByBlock will also contribute to LEED credits.

ByBlock can be used for retaining walls, sound walls, sheds, privacy fencing, terracing and landscaping, accent walls, furniture and more.

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