Goa’s Assagao Offers A Tranquil Experience Amidst Portuguese Architecture

How peaceful would it be to experience a part of Goa that offers you a place full of tranquillity so that you can spend a day lazing around and strolling through lush foliage amidst Portuguese villas? Assagao, a quaint village situated in the Bardez district of North Goa, is known for its cafes and eateries, boutiques and galleries. But is is also dotted with gorgeous architecture and churches. 

Assagao is also known as ‘Fullyanchem Gaon’ or the Village of Flowers. The villagers of Assagao grow marigolds and sell them at markets like the one in Mapusa. Since Assagao is located a little far from the beaches and surrounded by hills, it is a quiet place that is visited only by those who love to explore some off-the-beaten tracks.

If you want to immerse yourself in local colours, here’s what you should check out. 

Houses of Assagao

The houses in Assagao has some of the most beautiful villas in Goa. The Indo-Portuguese architectural designs of the villas here are a treat. This style dates back to the late 1700s and early 1900s, when houses were painted in sunny yellows and sky blue hues, in line with the diktat that no other building could be painted white other than the Portuguese churches. Ditch the car and explore the area on a scooter, bicycle, or on foot to have a close look at the architecture, where the use of graphic colours is a leitmotif.

Casa Palotti

A charming and quiet place where theology and philosophy are taught, Casa Palotti, located in Bouta Waddo, Assagao, is a seminary with Indus Valley art inscribed on the walls. You can take a quick walk or spend some time meditating and cleansing your chakra. 

A Cross With A View

If you are a lover of breathtaking views, Assagao’s The Miraculous Cross is the place for you. The steep staircase has names and statues of saints and Jesus Christ inscribed on it. It is worth running out of breath for a spectacular view of Assagao and Vagator at the top. The church here has no roof, and it is a hidden gem you might miss out on. 

Saint Cajetan Church

Saint Cajetan Church is a not to miss spot in Assagao. The white church with a wooden roof has stars carved on it. Built along the lines of the Roman Basilica of St. Peter by Italian monks of the Order of Theatines in 1665, the church has two quadrangular towers based on Corinthian architecture. The main altar is dedicated to the patroness of the church– Our Lady of Divine Providence. It is constructed with laterite soil and lime plaster.  

Kator Pillar

A small hike from the Saint Cajetan Church will lead you to the Kator Pillar with the Dovornem or pit stops for traders along the path. The Kator Pillar is believed to be a symbol of a temple lamp in Hinduism. The villagers believe that there was a mysterious language inscribed on the pillar and that whoever deciphered it would get a pot of gold. Dovornems were nothing but resting points for traders in the olden times who would carry heavy baskets on their heads and would need some support to keep their luggage on along with getting rest.


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