Global Growth Executive joins Headspring as Chief Commercial Officer

Karen has spent the majority of her career growing large, multinational companies like IBM, Nortel Networks, Ericsson, and Sprint. She’s thrived by applying her world-class IBM Sales training across industries, most recently for two startups in the technology sector. With Headspring, she looks forward to putting systems and processes in place to drive success while maintaining the agility and client focus of an entrepreneurial firm.

“I have a great respect for Headspring and how they’ve grown the business already,” comments Karen. “I see so many areas of opportunity here and I look forward to further elevating this amazing company that has accomplished so much already.”

Headspring’s CEO, Dustin Wells, notes the synergy he discovered with Karen. “When I asked her about her ideal role, she mentioned Growth, People & Talent, and Relationships. These were the top things I was looking for, and during months of mutual vetting, I found that she has a proven record of delivering all three.”

Karen’s addition represents a new stage of growth for Headspring. She sets a new pace for the company with her approach to problem solving, training and team building, consulting and partnering, and customer relationships. Karen’s experience benefits not just the business, but everyone who works with her.

“Our commitment to employees is that they will grow faster here than anywhere else,” explains Dustin. “Karen not only brings the corporate experience to drive business growth, but she has a proven track record of building and developing amazing teams.”

About Karen
Karen Freitag is a global sales executive with a rare combination of operational experience, P&L responsibility, technical knowledge, and high-growth sales performance history. She achieved impressive results with IBM, Nortel Networks, Ericsson, and Sprint, before leading two technology startups to rapid growth.

About Headspring
Headspring is a technology and software consultancy transforming organizations with cloud-first solutions, from application development to architectural strategy to legacy system transformation. Headspring’s teams are motivated daily by the core belief that great software has the power to transform organizations and lives.

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