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There is an old saying that “the only thing constant in life is change.” Change can be fun, thrilling, and invigorating whether you try a new hair style, take a class, listen to new music, or travel to a new destination. Experiencing something new can be the breath of fresh air you need to see the world with a fresh perspective. Our homes have the same need for change. They were often designed and built in a different era with different lifestyles and trends in mind. As we look at our homes thinking they might be stuck in time, being open to trying new design concepts can add a new energy into ourselves, our home, and the way we live seamlessly within it.

As an expert remodeling firm, we know you don’t need to fully part ways with everything you love about your existing home to experience dramatic change. We also know that a great design will completely change the way you live and experience your space. Your personality, items that you’ve collected from a life well-lived, and lifestyle norms are all important pieces of information needed to generate a custom design that fits you perfectly. Allow yourself to dream, be inspired by creativity, and make space for positive changes.

Photography by Alyssa Lee Photography

The magical part of our collaborative creative process at MA Peterson is that we help you see space differently. We spend time understanding how you currently live and ask challenging questions, helping each of us to envision a new, optimal way of living. The discovery process is exhilarating and filled with moments of clarity and excitement. And as your builder of dreams, we, too, are excited to get to work and create new spaces for your next chapter of life.

Your home has the creative potential to last you a lifetime. With an open mindset and willingness to explore the possibilities, we can help you realize it and create a home that exceeds your expectations. If you are ready to unlock the possibilities of your home and explore the idea of seeing space in a whole new way, let’s collaborate today!

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For over 40 years, MA Peterson Designbuild has been an industry-leading expert in the Twin Cities for award-winning residential design, new custom homes, and high-quality custom remodeling and additions. With a unique creative process that yields unparalleled solutions, we take pride in our role working for homeowners. We are passionate about design and uncompromising quality in our craftsmanship, and love creating unique spaces that homeowners can enjoy every day in their home.

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