Dual Universe Dives Deep into Voxelmancy With a Peek at the Upcoming Vertex Precision Tool (VPT)

When it comes to Dual Universe, part of the upcoming Panacea update will be introducing what the dev team is calling the Vertex Precision Tool (VPT). This will let everyone bring detail and create more layered and deeper building designs.

The VPT is designed to be an intuitive tool that helps make what seems like a more complicated process user-friendly. Equipping the VPT should let you move the vertexes around on a grid that will show you where things will be within a space. The information in the new devblog is very technical but it goes into everything you might want to know about voxel construction in the game.

If you want to simply preview what using the VPT will look like, there’s also a video to show what it will look like to simply move things around so you can build in a simplified way that still gives you a ton of options.

But if you are looking for the technical information behind the tool, you’ll start with the definition of voxels. Voxel means “volume element” and building in what is called known as Voxelmancy is advanced and it can go into more complex designs. In Dual Universe, the dev team explains that a voxel is made up of two things: material information and vertex position information. Essentially you have a little square building block in a grid. 

The devblog continues explaining how it works in the current system and what is coming with the panacea update and the VPT. Essentially, using the VPT, you’ll be able to simply move the voxels and their placement around by proportions.

If you want to get the in-depth look on exactly how the team is tweaking the current system for the VPT, you’ll want to read the entire technical dev blog over at  Dual Universe.

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