Discussing Sustainability and Social Responsibility with Architect Hussein Fakhry

Activa Square

Founded more than 25 years ago in Beirut, KEY Architectural Group has become a leading architectural design and construction solutions provider, not only in Lebanon, but also in Accra (Ghana) and Abidjan (Ivory Coast). The company believes that architecture itself is a human, cultural and futuristic activity, that helps to transform the lives of people and the society as a whole.

In an interview given to Africa Outlook, Founding Architect Hussein Fakhry said: “At KEY Architectural Group, we couple our dreams with fear, and we consider our role and duty to be essentially and critically human. This goes far beyond business.” As you can tell from this statement, Hussein Fakhry is a man with a vision that extends beyond the scope of the construction sphere to a holistic ideal of furthering society, with a conscientious outlook that prioritizes the human aspect behind his designs.

Architecture and the design behind construction has long been a passion of Fakhry’s and was cemented as his career choice after undertaking an architectural degree. “Construction has always been of interest to me and captured a reasonable part of my observations as I was growing up to draw the line about my university education,” he commented.

Architecture is less of a job and more of a vocation for Fakhry, as he embraces the philosophy and concepts surrounding the physical act of construction, understanding the wider implications of architecture as a signifier of a country’s culture. “I have always considered architecture and construction as a human and cultural expression. And today, architecture has become more and more of a passion and a stamp for a brighter future,” he said.

Hussein Fakhry
Hussein Fakhry

In West Africa, KEY Architectural Group has established a strong name for itself. The decision to expand to the region came after Fakhry identified a need in the market and sought to fill it, bringing KEY’s already established brand and capable design, management, and supervision services into the West African market. “The industry in Ghana and West Africa is growing rapidly and it has become more and more focused on quality of both construction and design,” said Fakhry.

Within the context of Ghana specifically, construction contributes substantially to GDP and employment, and is a central pillar of the country’s National Development Plan. In this context, KEY Architectural Group has provided a wide variety of amazing creations to the Ghanaian market. Some of the most famous ones in the residential area include: The Mulberry, Beyond Residence and AVA Residence. Looking to commercial projects within Accra, the Group is proud to put their name to the design and build of the BLU Plaza medium-end shopping complex, as well as the business hub Activa Square. KEY Architectural Group has also had a huge influence on the tourism sector, with projects such as: The Royal Senchi, Peduase Valley Resort, Urbano Hotel and Tetteh Quarshie Cocoa Museum.

What is unique about KEY’s method of expansion is their respect for and dedication to integrating with the local culture, thereby proving that a universal attitude and commitment to quality will lay the essential foundations for success no matter the location. “I have always believed that professional integrity is a commitment and a capital that can be developed, to a certain extent, despite the geographical location”, said Hussein Fakhry. “KEY Architectural Group prides itself on integrating in the markets where it ventures. We carry the cultural and environmental values of the context, and we build on it, which makes our projects appreciated and fitting within its surroundings,” he added.

The Royal Senchi
The Mulberry

Fakhry also insists on the fact that architects and builders play a tremendous role as cultural and socio-economic ambassadors for the societies and nations in which they operate, and that they should be able to add value and help in branding cities and neighborhoods. Design plays an essential role in this, as KEY Architectural Group offers attractive construction solutions with modern, minimalist designs, that celebrate a bold geometry and compliment an urban environment. The model of sustainability that KEY subscribes to centers on designing and creating buildings that stand the test of time. “We believe that the main factor in sustainability is to create buildings with good feasibility and function which can survive for a longer period of time,” he stated.

On an environmental level, KEY endeavors to embrace green technologies wherever possible, minimizing the impact of their operations and incorporating eco-friendly technologies into their designs. “Sustainability is of essence in our work. However, we focus more on passive sustainable approaches that focus on solutions to the green elements of construction, starting from the design concepts and through the details of every building. We look at proposing a built environment that embodies answers to heat exchange, natural day light and ventilation – more O2 less CO2. We prioritize water economies, and people’s psychological appreciation to the space, respectively through the following points: architectural shading elements, orientation, preserving and adding trees and roof gardens, rain harvesting and reuse of grey water, architectural design with cultural imagination.”

Looking ahead, Hussein Fakhry’s appetite for expansion extends to the rest of the continent, with Nigeria next on the agenda. In fact, KEY Architectural Group already has several exciting projects in the pipeline. “We are currently working on a steppingstone in the Nigerian market, with a private residence in Lagos which is ready for construction, an office building remodeling project, and a bigger scale urban planning project in Abuja, which is still at negotiation phase. We believe that it’s a good time for us to open up to that amazing market and environment,” he said optimistically.

From intangible ideas, all the way to handing the finished project, KEY Architectural Group grants its clients a professional attitude, substantial experience, and qualitative knowledge. There is no doubt KEY will continue on its path of success for years to come.


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