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Vince Stroop, veteran partner of renowned architecture and design firms such as Stonehill Taylor and Jeffrey Beers International, has launched his new global work-from-anywhere studio, stroop. stroop is a collective of innovative creators committed to the progress of architecture, interiors and the design of experiences. The firm currently consists of three core members: Vince Stroop, founder; Jenny Kim, principal; and Dakota Smith, director, creative strategy.

“There were countless lessons learned during our time at home throughout the pandemic,” said Stroop. “For me, most poignant was realizing the capacity for productivity and creativity outside of the office. So much so, I was inspired to tap into some of the industry’s best talent and begin our own work-from-anywhere studio where we can service clients around the world—especially those that share similar values in sustainability, wellness and innovation.”

As designers, stroop finds inspiration in its surroundings, the environment and the social and physical architectures associated with different cultures. With the flexibility of working remotely, stroop can immerse itself into different locales, learn about its heritage and embrace the lifestyle to best understand the environment in which it’s designing. The team is nimble, and its advantage is being able to offer boutique, high-level attention backed by years of experience and distinguished professionalism that prioritizes quality.

Stroop has previously led the architecture and interior design for notable projects such as One&Only Costa Rica; Raffles Hotel in Boston; The Asbury Hotel in Asbury, NJ; JW Marriott in Nashville; and select Moxy Hotels in New York. Additionally, he created the award-winning pop-up travel hotel concept, IRUS. A personal pod, IRUS provides the guest with a toolbox to transform the space to fit their specific needs. The components in the room are flexible and the materiality is sourced locally, no matter where the pod might be. This project catapulted stroop’s mission and will soon be on display in Amsterdam at the Independent Hotel Conference in March 2022.

“Launching a studio has always been a dream of mine,” said Stroop. “I’m proud to have created a space for a wellness-focused and human-centered design collective. I’m confident that the team’s geographic dispersal will bring a diversity of inspiration and perspective, resulting in progressive and thought-provoking design.”

Stroop splits his time between Brooklyn, NY and Seattle. Kim is based out of her home in upstate New York, traveling often to Milan while Smith operates throughout South America. So far, the studio has designed a pavilion at Fuorisalone in Milan which highlighted the dangers of single-use plastics and celebrated the efforts of those seeking to recycle and reuse. Currently, stroop is working on a design for HIX in London that looks at remote work within a hotel setting and the importance of creating spaces for nature, fitness and meditation. The firm also has projects around an eco-adventure resort and tech-centric wellness center in the pipeline.

stroop will continue to embrace new perspectives in both hospitality and residential design, developing innovative concepts that will push the boundaries of the current built environment.

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