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CENTREVILLE, Md. – The hottest topic around Centerville in Queen Anne’s County is a proposed development on the Carter Farm.

If approved by the town, the development could bring in around 126 new residential homes.

The development is also called an ‘agrihood”. It will incorporate residential homes with agricultural land surrounding the homes. It will also include commercial businesses.

What town leaders and community members are the town’s water and sewer allocation. The development would require the remaining amount.

“Once you’re above 91 percent, you’re starting to say ‘hey we’re maxing out the plan. Do we want to commit to what we have left of that? The challenge for us now is in addition to this maximum capacity,” says Town Manager Chip Koogle. Koogle told us the town is thinking about upgrading its water and sewer capacity.

Community members say the project is just too big for their small town.

“It’s our opinion that it doesn’t match with what downtown Centerville needs. It is intended to be for a particular urban setting with remote parking,” says Jeff Bonfoey.

The lead developer, Ernie Sota says he wants to work with the community to address their concerns. “It’s more than just real estate development. We’re trying to show best management practices. Our stormwater system has been lauded by the staff of the CAC as being innovative and best management practices. We’re trying to you know do all the right things really,” says Sota.

Sota added, “It will also bring additional revenue to the town. Approximately two million dollars in sewer capacity fees will help fund the sewer plant in the town. Approximately 370 thousand in town revenue and somewhere around 700 thousand in state revenue.”

Discussion of the Carter Farm development during council meetings has been tabled until April.

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