Capital projects at Queen’s incorporate accessibility

Over the summer, many capital projects are progressing across Queen’s campus. This includes renovations and the development of new projects.

According to the University’s 2021-2022 budget report, there is also a $4.2 million planned expenditure for deferred maintenance. 

Some of the major projects include the expansion of Duncan McArthur Hall, the renovation of Leonard Dining Hall, the Albert St. Residence building, and the development of the first geo-thermal heating system for Queen’s at 355 King Street West

For sustainable design, the University is ensuring the JDUC, Albert St. Residence Building, and McArthur Hall all meet LEED Gold certification. 

“In addition to meeting all legislated code requirements, Queen’s has developed the Queen’s University Facility Accessibility Design Standards (QFADS) which goes beyond those legislated requirements,” the University said in a statement to The Journal

The University presents all of its capital projects to an “Accessibility Cafe,” which allows for public input to be considered. 

The University said the building designs incorporate security through different aspects of building design. The Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is the framework being employed. 

The CPTED will be implemented through pass card use, surveillance cameras, and blue light devices. 

“The new projects currently being developed on campus will feature our new blue lights that feature higher visibility,” the University said. 

For sites such as the former KCVI building, the University can’t provide comments until the Board of Trustees approve any capital projects.

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