Buffini & Company and Colibri Real Estate Team Up to Help New and Aspiring Real Estate Agents Succeed

 Buffini & Company, the largest training and coaching company in North America, and Colibri Real Estate, the leading provider of real estate learning solutions nationwide, have entered into an exclusive agreement to provide the real estate market with a holistic, end-to-end ecosystem of education, training and resources primarily focused on new and aspiring real estate agents. 

“Our passion and purpose is to help real estate professionals every step of the way in their careers, and an incredible way to live this passion is to partner with legendary businessman and real estate professional Brian Buffini and his coaching company to inspire our new and upcoming agents,” said Jennifer Dixson Hoff, President of Colibri Real Estate. “Buffini & Company has an impressive track record preparing real estate professionals to be career ready and plan step-by-step for success. We are excited to partner together and can’t wait to empower our students with exclusive access to the premier coaching and training programs in the profession.”

The companies’ education and training partnership will roll out over the next few months, beginning today with Superior School of Real Estate in North Carolina, one of Colibri Real Estate’s regional schools.  Students will have access to new material, including career advice videos from Buffini & Company as well as an agent starter kit to prepare for a career in the real estate profession. Both companies see this partnership as a pathway to help bridge the gap between passing the exam and building a business in the critical first stages of a real estate career.

“Bringing together the leader in licensing education with the leader in real estate coaching creates an unparalleled pathway for student and agent success,” said Brian Buffini, Founder and Chairman of Buffini & Company. “The Buffini & Company network executed on hundreds of thousands of transactions last year. We are excited to partner with Colibri and their expansive reach of real estate professionals, giving them the opportunity to take advantage of referral systems, training, and coaching services that have propelled our member success for over 25 years.”

For more information on the partnership, visit https://www.superiorschoolnc.com/superior-buffini-partnership/.

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