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Budapest, Hungary’s capital is a good embodiment of the colourful and wonderful country. Budapest is a mesmerizing mixture of modern and classical architecture creating a sense of wonder as people walk its streets. Thanks to György Palkó, an architectural photographer and videographer, now you can hold this jaw-dropping beauty in your hands in the form of a book.

György Palkó is one of the most well-known architectural photographers in Hungary and he was one of the first Hungarian photographers to work for the renowned company, Zaha Hadid Architects, writes.

György Palkó is about to publish a book that will feature some of the most stunning architectural wonders of Budapest. His new book will include 50+1 projects that will certainly make you want to visit the Hungarian capital city. Additionally, for each project, belongs a guide about the given building.

István Ujlaky-Gazdag asked the photographer about his drive to create and undertake such a large project to showcase the wide scope of buildings and architecture of the Hungarian capital.

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György Palkó answered, that one of his greatest inspirations was New Architecture Los Angeles. This book, photographed by Mike Kelley György’s mentor, immediately ignited a spark in the Hungarian photographer’s imagination as he first held it in his hands.

He told Roadster that: “his [Kelley’s] book showcasing 50 buildings of Los Angeles was published two years ago, but the series includes books about New York and London too. I think it sounds quite impressive that Budapest could be the fourth book in this series.”

The photographer also highlighted that one of his target audiences is foreigners. Tourists are already fascinated to explore the Danube banks and the historical buildings of the Hungarian capital, but it feels great to show what architects have added to the city in the past two decades, György said.

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In order to fulfill his vision, Görgy Palkó beseeched the help of professionals. He contacted Anett Mizsei, who composed the textual elements of the book.

György collaborated on the project with Krisztina Somogyi and Déniel Kovács to provide an accurate guide to the 50+1 buildings to be included in the final book. Last, but not least, Balázs Sipos also assisted the renowned photographer to make his vision manifest.

The book was made all throughout 2021 with over 103 photoshoots and 15,000 frames and with the help of the tireless work of his professional team, his website reported.

Source: György Palkó architectural photographer and videographer

If you would like to purchase this book featuring all the architectural wonders of Budapest, you can do so by visiting György Palkó’s website.

The book is available both in English and in Hungarian. They are expected to be ready for shipping around the second half of January. If you would like to know more about György Palkó’s work, you can follow his latest projects on his Facebook page or on his Instagram.

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