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Wherever you hang your stockings—from a fireplace, doorway, or cabinet—consider how your background hues will work with the fabric. “My number one design tip is to use complementary colors to maximize the character, personality, and pigment in each shade,” says paint and color expert Annie Sloan. “Here, I used Annie Sloan Ticking in Olive fabric, an earthy Mediterranean green that pairs perfectly with the warm mustard of Carnaby Yellow satin paint. I love how the end result is totally sophisticated yet playful,” she says.

To recreate Sloan’s stocking design, follow these instructions:

Step 1. Cut out one pair of stocking shapes

Select a fabric of your choice for your stocking. You might make a template for this from paper or use the first stocking cut out as the template for the second to ensure they’re the same size. Be sure to add seam allowance to all edges.

Step 2. Sew stocking cutouts together

 Stitch the two stocking pieces together, right sides facing each other, leaving the top open. Once it’s sewn, turn the stocking inside out so the stitches don’t show.

Step 3. To create the cuff

Cut a strip of fabric that is twice as long as the open edge of your stocking, plus seam allowance at each end. You will be folding the fabric lengthways, so make sure the strip you cut is twice the width that you would like the cuff to be, plus a little extra for seam allowance. Never forget your seam allowances, they are your friends!

Step 4. Make the loop

Join the two shorter ends of your strip together, right sides facing each other, and sew together to create a loop of fabric. Fold the fabric loop in half, like you would if you were folding your sleeves up, right sides facing out, and press flat with an iron.

Step 5. Assemble

Insert the loop of folded fabric into the top of your stocking, pin all three raw edges together, and sew around the top. Then fold the cuff over the stocking and press in place. You may wish to iron again for best results.

Step 6. Add the ribbon and other accoutrements

Finish by hand sewing a loop of ribbon to hang your stocking from, and reuse every Christmas to dress your home and delight recipients. Sloan’s family members all have one, and as the children get older they’re encouraged to practice sewing by embroidering their own with initials, snowflakes, and Christmas stars!

8. Ornament-embellished stockings

Even a simple stocking can be dressed up with a DIY ornament. 

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