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As I have written stories of living in Kansas from the ‘Dirty 30s’ through World War II and conflicts that were not declared wars; through periods of Polio, types of flu, AIDES, COVID-19, etc.; through good and bad political years; memories that hurt or make me smile, I have tried to encourage families to cherish their relationships.  Having outlived many family members and friends, I have only my “Windmill Memories” to give me pleasure or to shed a sad tear.

My parents were privileged to have “8” grandchildren.  In 2022 I hope to write of the many good times we had together even though we lived miles apart.  We had years when the 8 were babies, adolescents, teenagers, young adults, and married. In early October, the first of my parent’s grandchildren left his home on earth.  It hurts but the many loving memories made through the years will be what we remember of my sister’s son:  Jeffry Thomas Fletcher (02-14-1950 to 10-09-2021). Jeff was a well-known Architect in Eastern Tennessee with his building designs used on many schools, business buildings and residential properties. He designed and dedicated the Senior Center in Maryville, Tennessee in his parent’s names.  His mother often used that location with her Senior friends.  We will not forget the memories made with Jeff and June.  They had 51 years together.

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