Why Paris’ Architecture Makes It So Romantic

It’s known all over the world that Paris is the city of love. But what makes it so romantic? It certainly isn’t the only romantic city in Europe. The gothic architecture and remarkable statues of Prague make it also romantic. While Venice is a uniquely romantic city with its elegant canals and timeless gondolas. So what makes Paris uniquely romantic?

Europe’s romantic cities all have very distinct characteristics, and one of the things that set Paris apart is its architecture. Paris is certainly one of the cities to consider visiting with one’s valentine for an unforgettable vacation. That being said, there are plenty of other destinations in France that many find to be equally romantic.


What Makes Paris Romantic?

“…this graceful city has always inspired love. It permeates through the city’s arrondissements (districts) where loved-up couples laze in its manicured gardens, dine at candlelit wine bars and stroll along the Seine arm-in-arm at sunset.”

Lonely Planet

Much of Paris’ historic architecture hails from the early 19th century – a time of artistic and literary liberation of Romanticism. Perhaps its romanticism is also aided by the French culture that is itself famously romantic in a way that sets it apart from its more austere English and German neighbors.

Some Romantic Features Of Paris:

  • Boulevard Saint-Germain
  • The Seine River
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Pont Des Arts

Paris is a place where couples create lasting memories on the café terraces of Boulevard Saint-Germain and strolling along the misty banks of the Seine River. Sitting on the Seine River rises Notre Dame Cathedral – a cathedral made famous for its elegant beauty and immortalized in films like Disney’s Hunch-Back of Notre Dame.

Unfortunately, Notre Dame suffered a devastating fire a few years ago (2019) and is currently under restoration. As of the time of writing (June 2022), the cathedral in Paris is open to the public, but the rest of the cathedral is not expected to be complete until 2024.

Just by Notre Dame is the Pont des Arts – the famous romantic bridge with countless love locks. Or at least it did, Paris has reluctantly removed many of the locks. In 2015 the bridge was believed to have over a million locks that together weighed 45 tons – not a weight that the bridge was necessarily designed to hold.

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Wonder Around And Discover The Romantic Gems Of Paris

Paris is a city of wide tree-lined avenues and many lavish formal gardens. Paris is a city where a couple can get lost together discovering the distinctive character of each neighborhood and wandering through the labyrinth of medieval pedestrian streets.

  • Tip: Wonder Around The Historic Streets Of Paris

Discover family-run bistros with their handwritten menus. Much of the charm of Paris is in the details – cobblestone lands, narrow alleyways, boutiques, secluded squares, elegant salons, and much more. The beauties of Paris are to be enjoyed by exploring them.

Romantic activities in Paris include enjoying an evening cabaret, having a picnic in a Paris city park while soaking in the atmosphere, having a wine on the cobbled streets, taking a romantic cruise on the Seine at sunset, and fine dining in a French restaurant, and luxury shopping.

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The Eiffel Tower – Paris’ Most Romantic Structure

Of course, no discussion of Paris would be complete without mentioning the world-famous Eiffel Tower (that paradoxically was only originally built to be a temporary structure and was controversial at the time).

The Eiffel Tower was built for the 1889 Paris Exhibition and was dismissed by many at the time as a heinous monstrosity. And yet today, few pieces of architecture are deemed so romantic and are the site of so many marriage proposals.

  • Built: In 1889 For The Paris Exhibition
  • Commemorates: The French Revolution (Built for The Centenary Anniversary)
  • Height: 324 Meters (The Tallest Building Until The Empire State Building)

There are few high structures in Paris and the Eiffel Tower has some of the few high observation decks. From the top-floor Champagne Bar, one can gaze out with sweeping panoramic views of Paris. Go after dark and see how the Eiffel Tower sparkles with 20,000 gold lights.

Surrounding the Eiffel Tower are the recently renovated Eiffel Tower Gardens with their romantic Belle Epoque style.

If one is thinking of going to Paris, allow for at least three days to let the atmosphere of the city soak in.

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