Where to get cosy in the run up to Christmas

With the temperature plummeting and the energy crisis looming, thoughts of how to transform our homes into naturally cosy nests, and where to get warm when we’re out and about, are starting to fill our minds.
Tackling the former then the latter, the South Londoner spoke first to Anna McGregor and Lotte Martin, co-founders of Peckham-based homeware store Lamp LDN, for their tips on making the home comfortable for the cold, dark months…

South Londoner: With winter on its way, what should we be doing to capture that cosy feeling?
Lamp LDN: Keep a basket of blankets in the sitting room next to the sofa to wrap yourself in on cold mornings and make long evenings cosy. A good heavy throw or old fashioned eiderdown on your bed makes bedtime much more snug too. Invest in good quality, lined curtains or blinds for your windows – but don’t forget the doors too. A curtain over your front or back door makes the house feel cocooned and keeps the drafts out.
SL: Hacks for keeping out drafts are especially welcome this year, when we’re up against an energy crisis. Have you got any more of those?
LL: Make sure you choose energy efficient bulbs with a warm light. Soft warm lighting will trick you into feeling warmer, so turn off or dim the main ceiling lights and turn on some lamps. Light a candle; as well as actually giving off heat, they look so pretty. A mixture of cone and tapered candles on your mantelpiece and a heady scented candle always feels right at this time of year. We always have one in the hallway and one in the living room, so that the whole house is filled with a comforting and seasonal scent.
SL: What are some interiors trends we’re likely to see this autumn / winter season?
LL: Well, according to our current products, we’re currently embracing joyful and confident interiors with palettes of mustard yellow and moss greens with accents of coral and raspberry pink. We’re also stocking lampshades in botanical patterns alongside the never-out-of-fashion stripe. Beyond our own catalogue, the farmhouse style will continue to be popular, with its layering of fabrics, patterns and textures.
SL: How can we go about transforming dull corners to reflect the new season?
LL: Any of the following should do it: mantle vases filled with conkers, vases of cut hydrangeas left to dry as the winter approaches, oversized platters holding piles of quinces and apples, coloured candles on the table each evening and scented candles everywhere.
SL: Is there one stand-out Lamp LDN product readers should know about this season?
LL: Our limited edition candles made with UK artists and designers, which are hand-poured in Wiltshire by home fragrance company True Grace. There are just a few left from our collaboration with the super talented artist Willemien Bardawil, so keep your eyes peeled for the next run which is launching late November. Not only do these smell divine, but the pots are designed to be kept forever. A beautiful keepsake in themselves, they can be used for flowers, plants, pens or make up brushes – or just to look pretty on a shelf or mantle.
SL: Lastly, where can readers find you beyond your shop? Before the pandemic, you were running events…
LL: We are busy again with events and for private parties as well as commercial and residential design projects. We focus on creating joyful celebrations and beautiful interiors in a mindful way. You can keep up to date with our work via our website and our Instagram handle:
Lamp LDN, 20b Maxted Road, London, SE15 4LF. Tuesday – Friday, 10am – 5:30pm; Saturday 10am – 6pm; Sunday 11am – 5pm. www.lamplondonhome.com/

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