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There were two real estate sales in the first two weeks in January that topped $1 million.

The Post-Journal/OBSERVER examined real estate transactions for the weeks of Jan. 3-7 and Jan. 10-14. There were a total of 145 transactions, 87 in which money was exchanged higher than $1.

The first one was made on Jan. 3 and involves 16 properties in 10 different towns. The Chagrin Land Limited Partnership, located in Pepper Pike, Ohio sold the properties to Picus Silva, Inc. The amount recorded in the county records was $3,762,820.

Using tax identification numbers, the 16 properties are as follows:

¯ Arkwright — Putnam Road and Rood Road;

¯ Carroll — Ivory Road;

¯ Charlotte — Lewis Road;

¯ ,Cherry Creek — Sanford Road (2), Route 83 North;

¯ Ellington — Fuller Gulf Road;

¯ French Creek — Route 474;

¯ Gerry — Gerry Ellington Road;

¯ North Harmony — Eiden Road (2);

¯ Ripley — East Side Hill Road (2);

¯ Villenova — Dye Road.

According to NY Company Registry, Picus Silva Inc. was established on Dec. 20, 2021 as a foreign business corporation type registered at 28 Liberty St., New York. The county for this company is Cattaraugus.

The second sale that topped $1 million was also on Jan. 3. It involved four neighboring properties sold in Jamestown by Gary’s Garage LLC, 177 North Pearl St., Frewsburg to Gerber Real Estate, Inc. The sale was for $1.4 million. Using the tax identification numbers, it appears the four parcels are on Foote Avenue.

The full list of sales, excluding no monetary or $1 sales are as follows:

JAN. 3-7

1040 Route 5&20 Inc. sold 1040 Route 5&20 to P2P Enterprise for $150,000.

The executor of Roger Wiltsie sold 796 Einink Rd., Clymer and Harmony to Yoder Uriah for $165,000.

Judith Zmuda sold 879 Triangle, Hanover to Dermott Morgan for $36,000.

Patrick Jermain sold 38 Arden Parkway, Jamestown to Mitchell Mawhinney for $80,000.

Chagrin Land Limited Partnership sold properties in Arkwright (2), Carroll (1), Charlotte (1), Cherry Creek (3), Ellington (1), French Creek (1), Gerry (2), North Harmony (2), Ripley (2) and Villenova (1) to Picus Silva Inc. for $3,762,820.

Brink Donner sold 33 Buffalo St., Hanover to Daniel Smith for $2,000.

Warren Wolfe sold 10249 Empire Road, Forestville to 10249 Empire LLC for $300,000.

Joshua Czekanski sold 21 E. Courtney St., Dunkirk to Lucas Czekanski for $40,000.

Paul Tabone sold 25-27 Water St., Pomfret to Thomas Brown II for $50,000.

Gary’s Garage LLC sold four properties in the city of Jamestown to Gerber Real Estate Inc. for $1,400,000.

Tindaro Calamunci Living Trust Inc. sold 112 Hazzard St., Jamestown to Francisco Zavala for $10,000.

William Spellman sold property in the town of Ripley (no address provided) to William Semelka for $240,000.

Lori Calimeri sold 18 Patridge St., Jamestown to Calimeri Properties, Inc. for $17,675.

Walter Tylock sold 93 Seymour St., Pomfret to Frances Oliveira for $140,000.

Nelson Nobles sold Rt. 83 North, Cherry Creek to Dennis Brown for $182,500 (exact address not given).

Angel Schneider sold 298 Southland Ave., Busti to Oludotun Adegoke for $230,000.

James Rusk sold 26 Everett Ave., Jamestown to Alexander Freville for $79,500.

Mark Gugino sold 64-66 E. Main St., Pomfret to 66 E. Main St. Properties Inc. for $275,000.

Leslie Johnson sold 4374 Johnson Road, Ellery to Brian Kiendl for $200,000.

Zifa Yuan sold 43 W. 12th St., Jamestown to Samuel Rose LLC for $20,000.

Susan McCloskey sold 8972 Shore Drive, Westfield to Michael Andreozzi for $250,000.

Dean W. Erickson Living Trust Inc. sold 3799 Gokey Rd. Ellery to Steven Iszkula for $730,000.

Joel Berdine sold 8034 Abbeylane, French Creek to Victoria Bertrand for $220,000.

Paul Hogg sold property on Bennett State Road, Hanover to Bradley Seibert for $32,000.

Sharon Monroe sold 155 Park St., Jamestown to Eric Clark for $75,000.

Andrew Storer sold 44 E. Green St., Dunkirk to Chelsea Gray for $155,000

Alexander Rhinehart sold 990 Hagerdon Hill, Ellington to Kenneth Fischer for $49,995.

Donna Shepard sold 3623 Straight Road, Pomfret to Jennifer Butt for $185,000.

Timothy Smart sold 174 Bowen St., Jamestown to Wigberto Colon for $50,100.

Douglas Frazier sold 147 Park St., Jamestown to David Bollman for $45,000.

Diane Weingartner sold 28 Ramble Ave, Ramble House Condo, Unit #4, Chautauqua, to Bernadette Gargano for $120,000.

Jason Carr sold 217 Lincoln Ave., Dunkirk to Octavio for $40,000.

Scott Schrecengost sold 58 Melvin Ave., Ellicott to Ryan Carnes for $135,000.

Susan Czerwinski sold 776 Park Ave., Dunkirk to Chelsea Centner for $100,000.

Philip DiFrancisco sold 9965 Farel Road, Pomfret to Nathan Skubis for $175,000.

Ralph Destefano Revocable Trust Inc. sold property on Farr Road, Portland to Southern Tier Timber Corp. for $150,000.

Ryan Somers sold 10 Walnut St., Busti to Jonathan Quackenbush for $265,000.

Nicole Cespedes sold 4441 Old Road, French Creek to Crystal Cadorini for $112,000.

Brian Jones sold 1261 Peekin Hill Road, French Creek to John-Patrick A. Hood for $170,000.

JAN. 10-14

Timothy Roche sold 48 Ward Ave., Hanover to Diane Bauer for $195,000.

Hunting Irrevocable Trust sold 5678 Lakeside Blvd., Pomfret to Joseph Bauer for $300,000.

David Lipari sold 87 Barrett Ave., 841 E. Second St. 3.5-3.75 Winsor St., all in Jamestown, to APG Acquisitions LLC for $225,000.

Steven Tilley sold 743 Park Ave., Dunkirk to Rachel Ames for $92,000.

Richard Loll sold 4411 Old Road Camelot, French Creek to Karen Seevers for $111,000.

Lisa Zambotti sold 34 Carol Ave., Pomfret to Susan Johnson for $179,000.

Matthew Christopher sold 131 Willbrook Ave., Dunkirk to Jorge Dejesus and Sarah Gilbert for $130,000.

Robert Thompson sold three properties on Cemetery Road, Ripley to FLNY Endeavours. LLC for $340,000

Ronald Rich sold 2450 Lakeside Drive, Busti to Daniel Mank and Tanya Mank for $280,500.

Krochka-Schmidt Revocable Trust sold 9 Unit 3B Simpson Ave. (The Colonmade), Chautauqua to Janell Lundgren for $257,500

Boutwell Hill Cabins sold 1205/1207 Boutwell Road, Cherry Creek to William and Alissa Perkul for $225,000.

Karen Daly sold 1203 Moran Drive, Hanover to Christopher and Maureen Druzbik for $130,000.

Elizabeth Dalton 20 Park Lane, Busti to Green Lake Water LLC for $476,000

David Allen sold 5 (Albion Unit A) S. Terrace, Chautauqua to Robert Florian for $352,000.

Dennis Torrey sold 286 Harrison St., Jamestown to City of Jamestown Board of Public Utilities for $26,400.

James Ferrino sold 16 Hickory St., Hanover to Harmon Holdings LLC for $58,000.

Nash Farm LLC sold one property in Clymer (no street address listed) to Aaron Miller for $30,000.

The executor of Ruth Ann Young sold 90 Lovall Avenue, Jamestown to Stefan Swanson for $88,000.

Glenn D. Perrone sold 7619 Bliss Road, Westfield to Mary Elizabeth Messina for $165,000.

Dale Furman sold 6462 Ellicott Road, Portland to Donald and Kimberly Robertson for $209,000.

Willis Byler sold property on Clymer-Sherman Road, Clymer to Billy Byler for $20,000.

Daniel Byler sold property on Clymer-Sherman Road, Clymer to Billy Byler for $20,000.

Martin Messmer sold 79 Acres West Hill Road, Ripley to Rodney and Julia Fuller for $74,000.

The executor of Roger Wiltsie sold three parcels on Einink Road, Clymer to William, Mary, Cooper and Keri Posker for $335,000.

Flora Bensink sold two parcels on Pork Road, Clymer to Kevin and Nichole Damcott for $60,000.

The executor of Carol M. Gregoreski sold 157 S. Margay St. Dunkirk to William Boyd for $137,000.

Alfred Kawski sold property on West Avenue, Portland to David Butcher for $25,000.

Diane Strain sold 5172 Herrick Road, Gerry to Gerry Land LLC for $40,000.

Daniel McKee sold 5077 Overlook Ave., Ellery to Jeremy Chambers for $495,000.

Angel Tavarez sold 111 Price St., Jamestown to CR Rentals LLC for $30,000.

George 2020 Family Trust sold 5104 W. Lake Road, Chautauqua to Ryan and Amber Newll for $943,500

Kristen L. El Nawairi sold 131 W. Falconer St., Ellicott to Jarret and Catherine Dahlbeck for $90,000.

Andrew Gallo sold two parcels at 6391 Horseshoe Bend, Chautauqua to 6391 Horseshoe Bend, LLC for $249,000.

Scott Burroughs sold 218 Central Ave., Ellicott to Matthew Bittler and Nicole Simmons for $137,800

Randy Zimpfer sold 12821 Breeze Ave., Hanover to Breeze at Sunset Bay LLC for $330,000.

KJD Group LLC sold 102 Winsor St. Jamestown to J-1 Auto Service LLC for $24,800.

Robert Girts sold property on North Main Street Extension, Ellicott to Mark and Victoria Ceci for $40,000.

Thomas Webb sold property at Tastor Lane, Portland to Gregory Vergotz for $4,000.

Darren B. Lucariello sold 110 First St., Sherman to Martin and Evelyn Ross for $90,425.

Clara Swanson sold 411 McKinley Ave., Dunkirk to John Nowak for $125,500

Michael Carney sold 5149 Route 430, Ellery to Thomas Weaver and Lorraine Pettmaire for $265,000.

Richard Allen sold 40 Ohio Avenue, Busti to Parrish Kennington for $35,000

Sondra Lee Letham sold 8279 First Street, Westfield to Timothy and Chandalyn Reichert for $450,000

Mark Odell sold 90 Old Mill Road, Portland to Cody Merrill for $152,000

The referee for Tyson Minavio sold 234 Cole Ave., Jamestown to Thomas Bailey for $38,664

Lucille Miller sold 81 Steward Ave, Jamestown to Priscilla Sundquist for $69,500

Margaret Wojcik sold 177 E. Pine St., Dunkirk to Michael and Tricia Green for $125,000

Marty Troyer sold 205 Clymer-Corry Road, Clymer to Alisha Booth and Ralph Herring for $125,000.

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