Strawberry season kicks off for Arkansas farmers

With weather being less than ideal, it’s been a rough start to strawberry season for Arkansas farmers. Despite that, they’re not letting tough weather deter them.

CABOT, Arkansas — Holland Bottom Farm started their strawberry season last week, but the wet weather has made it difficult for the plants at the farm.

There’s been a few cold streaks and several days of rain this spring, which has been a challenge for farmers.

“The rain’s pretty tough when it’s raining every other day. We need about 30 days of dry weather. We need sun for the sweetness,” said Tim Odom with Holland Bottom Farm.

For the first year, Holland Bottom Farm has an indoor store front.

After supply chain shortages prolonged the building’s construction, it’s now complete.

“We are very proud of it. I mean very, very proud of the signs we have. The lights there, I mean, yes, I think it’s brought a lot of people in,” said Leslie Odom with Holland Bottom Farm.

They even brought included some of their old displays into the new building… displaying their old highway signs around the interior as they have expanded their operations.

Leslie makes strawberry shortcakes daily. She now sells jam and honey in the storefront.

Right now, Holland Bottom Farm is limiting one bucket of strawberries per person as they are limited on ripe berries.

But, they hope that could change as they head further into the season.

Later this year, they will also be selling their home-grown squash, zucchini, tomatoes, and blackberries.

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