Something smells fishy about Sittenfeld prosecution

Former Cincinnati City Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld walks into federal court alongside his wife, Dr. Sarah Coyne, on Friday July 8, 2022, as a verdict in his public corruption was reached. He was found guilty on two of six counts.

I am puzzled by the P.G. Sittenfeld prosecution and conviction. Perhaps the ones who delivered the so-called bribes to Sittenfeld need to be prosecuted just as Sittenfeld was prosecuted for accepting their bribes. It’s time to reconsider the legality of entrapment.

My reading of the testimony reveals that Sittenfeld was in full support of the specified real estate development regardless of the money offered by the bribers to his PAC. You can’t bribe someone to take an action when the person has already committed to that action.

In this case, the federal prosecutors went after the “small fry” municipal politician for a rather small amount of money given to his PAC, not to him personally. The prosecutors appear to be holding off their prosecution of the “big fry” million-dollar bribes of Ohio legislators, including Larry Householder for the huge bribes in the First Energy case. 

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