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The owners of Property Sisters Of Chautauqua, going on two years, were not sure of the business’ fate starting in the midst of COVID in September 2020.

They had wanted to hold a real grand opening, but everything had been shut down.

Despite COVID-19, sisters Susan Muscarella and Carolyn Lawson decided it was time to open their own real estate company, after working under different brokerages for many years. In any new business venture the stakes are high, but with the help of the Small Business Development they were up and running in no time at all.

Muscarella graduated from Jamestown Business College with a degree in business management and sales and marketing. Lawson graduated from Grove City College with a degree in business entrepreneurship.

They both knew they would be in business someday, but together was an afterthought. Their parents, Eleanor and Sam Muscarella, were supportive in this new business venture, and with the love and support of friends and family, Property Sisters of Chautauqua was born.

Now two years in, they have exceeded their real estate sales goals with more than $5 million in sales the first year in real estate and going strong into 2022. They have also incorporated vacation and multi-family sales into their business model.

They have also welcomed Jennifer Voytovich and Mel Erb as real estate professionals. For more information, visit

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