Sims 4 May Finally Be Getting Curved Walls, According To Leak

A new Sims 4 leaked image and an addition to the game’s code point towards curved walls coming to Build Mode some time in the near future.

A new leak for The Sims 4 indicates curved walls may be coming to the game’s Build Mode at some point in the near future. Although The Sims 4 builders can still create masterpieces with tools they currently have access to, players have consistently expressed the desire for more wall options in the game. Making unique building designs is a popular activity within the game’s creative community, with players regularly sharing projects online and in The Sims 4 Gallery.

The Sims 4‘s Build Mode offers extensive creative options and allows players to construct homes from the ground up, including the foundation, walls, and roofing, as well as interior furniture, flooring, and wall coverings. Currently, it is possible to place walls at essentially any straight angle, but there is no option for curved walls. Even The Sims 4‘s long list of cheats doesn’t have an option that offers players more flexibility in wall placement.


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However, in a leaked set of images shared on the SimsCommunity, it appears curved wall placement could be in the works for a future game update. On July 1, a now-deleted throwaway Twitter account posted an image of curved walls with no other details. Observant Sims 4 content creator SimMattically pointed out via another Twitter post that a curved window in a featured image could also be seen in the recent High School Years Expansion Pack trailer, potentially confirming the post’s validity. Additionally, modder RAVASHEENCC dug into The Sims 4‘s code, unearthing some promising new wall options that came with the game’s latest update

The possibility of a The Sims 4 Build Mode update is big news for many players. Previously, curved walls were only available in The Sims 3, and were not simple structures to create. While the possibility of new building options may not impact those who choose to use pre-built homes when playing, the already large design possibilities of The Sims 4 would be greatly expanded with the addition of curved walls and other building tools. While there have been no official announcements confirming the leaks, those interested in new building options may want to keep an eye on updates for The Sims 4 in the coming months.

While The Sims is known as a defining staple of the simulation genre of gaming, new building options would help The Sims 4 compete with upcoming games like Paralives, which already promises a curved wall feature at launch. Hopefully, content updates for The Sims 4 will be a great way to keep players interested for years to come.

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Source: RAVASHEENCC/TwitterSimMattically/TwitterSimsCommunity

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