Rezoning could bring myriad businesses to Clark and Ballenger lanes

Zoning map near Clark and Ballenger lanes.

A myriad of restricted uses for a plot of land at the corner of Clark and Ballenger lanes in northeast Columbia were removed Thursday when the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission approved a rezoning.

The 10.8-acre lot went from planned district to mixed-use neighborhood, eliminating certain commercial development restrictions that were previously imposed on the land in historic rezonings. 

“Development here would improve the area services at a transit and pedestrian scale. It would serve the adjacent residential (area) to have a walkable commercial function instead of traversing all the way down Clark Lane in either direction,” said Rusty Palmer, planner with Columbia’s Community Development Division. 

Previous development limitations lifted with the rezoning include indoor recreation or entertainment sites, such as a bowling alley; armories; research and development labs; trade schools; or personal services, such as laundromats or salons. These developments do not need an additional conditional use permit, so do not need Columbia City Council approval. 

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