Republican challenging Democratic incumbent Sanford Bishop

Representative Sanford Bishop, who represents Georgia’s Congressional District 2, has some Republicans wanting to challenge him during the general election in November.

Six qualified for the Republican primary Tuesday, including Chris West.

He describes himself as “a pro-Trump, America-first fighter who has lived, worked, and raised a family in southwest Georgia.”

West currently serves as general counsel for Teramore Development, LLC, a local real estate development company. He tells 13WMAZ if elected, he wants to push “America-first policies” by establishing energy independence and stronger border laws.

“What would our number one issue be right now, is pushing back against the Biden agenda which is crushing our businesses and our families right now — they can’t afford to put gas in their car. They’ve endured a year of this and looking at 3 more years to go, wondering how bad it’s going to get, so on day one, I’m pushing back. I’m going to Washington and I’m saying, ‘No more of the liberal assault on our families and our businesses.'”

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